New Amrit Bharat Train With “Push-Pull” Technology Soon, Says Railway Minister

New Amrit Bharat Train With “Push-Pull” Technology Soon, Says Railway Minister

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to inaugurate the recently constructed Amrit Bharat train, which incorporates “push-pull” technology, according to Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw. He emphasized the cutting-edge technology, claiming it greatly boosts both train speed and passenger comfort.

“The Amrit Bharat train uses push-pull technology, which improves acceleration. This implies that wherever there are turns and bridges along the route, the car will save time by accelerating and stopping quickly. Semi-permanent couplers on it reduce the possibility of shocks occurring within the train. There are charging stations close to each seat. Additionally, ramps and wide doors have been added to the disabled-friendly restrooms,” he said.

Engines now employ entirely new technology. Following an inspection of the recently constructed ‘Amrit Bharat’ train at the New Delhi Railway station here on Monday, Mr. Vaishnaw stated, “Like Vande Bharat, an absolute locomotive cab has been installed in Amrit Bharat train also.”

The Railway Minister also stated that numerous modifications have been made to train restroom designs to encourage the least amount of water use possible. “Train vestibules are completely covered since air inside the vehicle begins to move when it travels at a high speed, potentially compromising the vehicle’s stability. The car will remain secure and stable as a result. Cushions are placed at the luggage berth above for the passengers’ comfort,” Mr. Vaishnaw stated.

The Minister of Railways went on to say that Amrit Bharat trains and Vande Bharat trains both use technology that is manufactured in India. “The two most important technologies of the world are – Distributive Power which has created Vande Bharat Transit and Push-Pull technology which has created Amrit Bharat, both technologies are made in India under PM Modi’s Make in India initiative,” he stated.

On December 18, Prime Minister Modi recently launched the second Vande Bharat Express, which runs between Varanasi and New Delhi. PM Modi flagged off the Dohrighat-Mau MEMU train, the Varanasi-New Delhi Vande Bharat Express, and two Long Haul goods trains at the recently opened Dedicated Freight Corridor. The 10,000th locomotive produced by Banaras Locomotive Works was the event’s high point.

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