“Asked Israel To Stop War In Gaza During Ramzan”: PM Modi

“Asked Israel To Stop War In Gaza During Ramzan”: PM Modi

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India sent an envoy to Israel, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, pleading with them to cease their airstrike in Gaza during Ramadan. He declared that during the holy month, he pleaded with Israel to uphold peace rather than wage war.
PM Modi stated in an interview with Aaj Tak that Israel should refrain from bombing Gaza, at least not during the holy month of Ramadan, according to his envoy.

“I dispatched a special envoy to Israel during Ramadan to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and inform him that bombings in Gaza should cease during this time. They did their best to adhere to it, but ultimately, there was a two- to three-day fight,” he said.

The prime minister claimed that despite Indians “cornering him on the Muslims issue,” he does not make such things public.

According to PM Modi, some other nations may have also had success in their attempts to persuade Israel to stop the bombings.

They might have also received the results. I did try too,” he remarked.

Following the October 7 terrorist attack on southern Israel by Hamas, which claimed the lives of over 1,170 people, the majority of them civilians, the Gaza War broke out.

According to the health ministry in Gaza, which is ruled by Hamas, Israel’s military retaliation has killed at least 35,233 people, the majority of whom were civilians. According to Benjamin Netanyahu, the attack will not stop until Hamas is completely destroyed.

In the interview, Prime Minister Modi also mentioned that, in contrast to previous administrations that only displayed token secularism, he paid separate trips to both Israel and Palestine.

“Earlier, there was a trend that if one had to travel to Israel, they had to visit Palestine as well. Practice secularism, then return. But I declined to do so,” he uttered.

The Prime Minister also recounted an episode when he needed to travel to Palestine via Jordan.

“When the President of Jordan, who is a direct descendent of Prophet Muhammad, came to know that I am going to Palestine over (the airspace of Jordan), he told me ‘Modi ji, you cannot go like this. You are my guest and will use my helicopter’.”

Describing the unique amalgamation of circumstances, he continued, “I went to his home for dinner, but the helicopter was of Jordan, the destination was Palestine, and I was escorted by Israeli flight attendants. All three are different but for Modi, all came together in the sky.”

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