Kerala Priest Hit By Car For Objecting To High-Speed Driving Near Church

Kerala Priest Hit By Car For Objecting To High-Speed Driving Near Church

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According to police today, some boys in Krerala, Kottayam, hit a priest with a car yesterday after he objected to their fast driving on the church property.
The incident happened on Friday afternoon at the St. Mary’s Forane Church in Poonjar, according to the police.

After their school exam, a group of boys in multiple vehicles—including motorcycles—arrived at the church, where they drove quickly and created a lot of noise, according to the police.

It stated that while prayers were taking place in the church, one of the priests noticed what was happening and asked the boys to leave.

When he attempted to shut the church’s gates, though, one of the motorcycles struck him in the hand first, and then a car struck him from behind because the boys disregarded him.

After the event, other priests staged a protest inside the church premises while the boys were placed under arrest.

According to police, the boys’ vehicles and two-wheelers were also seized.

According to the statement, the priest is currently in a stable condition after being admitted to a private hospital for treatment.

In the meantime, Jose K. Mani, the chairman of the Kerala Congress (M) called for severe punishments for those who broke into the church and allegedly used a car to attack the priest.

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