Three of the eight individuals who were stuck in the Hindustan Copper Mine were sent to Jaipur for rescue; the remaining individuals were all safe.

Hindustan Copper Mine

Three of the eight individuals who were stuck in the Hindustan Copper Mine were sent to Jaipur for rescue; the remaining individuals were all safe.

Hindustan Copper Mine
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At Hindustan Copper’s Kolihan mine in the Neem Ka Thana region on Tuesday night, the lift rope snapped, trapping 14 personnel at a depth of 1800 feet. The rescue operation began yesterday and has resulted in the rescue of eight persons so far. Of them three in serious condition have been transferred to Jaipur. There are additional attempts underway to remove the remaining six individuals. Everyone who is confined within is secure.

In reality, the breakage of the lift line on Tuesday night resulted in a serious disaster at Hindustan Copper Limited’s Kolihan mine in the Neem Ka Thana district. The rope abruptly snapped while the mine’s built-in lift was rising, and it plummeted around 1875 feet. Fourteen members of the Kolkata vigilance team were inside the mine at the time of the disaster. The rescue effort was launched right away to extract them. Three individuals were safely removed around 7 am and given medical referrals to Jaipur.

At around nine o’clock, five additional persons were removed following this. Thus far, eight individuals have been removed from their homes. It’s also reported that the other six individuals are safe. He has been contacted by the medical staff. Bhajanlal Sharma, the chief minister, is personally keeping an eye on this rescue effort. He has given the appropriate officials orders to act quickly to carry out relief and rescue efforts and to give the afflicted individuals every assistance and medical facilities that they can get.

Everybody will have a medical examination.
Three individuals have already been rescued, according to Neem Ka Police Station Collector Sharad Mehra, who was speaking with an Amar Ujala journalist at approximately 8:30 in the morning. Five additional persons are now being removed. It won’t be long until these folks emerge. But when they leave, a health examination will be conducted. Since cell phones are not functional inside, the government is now unaware of their state. This procedure is anticipated to be finished today.

There were two broken limbs: an arm and a leg.
According to Jhunjhunu Government Hospital’s Dr. Praveen Sharma, everyone trapped in the mine is safe. However, some people have broken their hands, and some people have broken their legs. Three individuals whose conditions were deemed critical have been sent to Jaipur. where he is receiving medical care.

Senior HCL officials imprisoned in a mine
The break in the rope that supported the lift was the cause of this disaster. Chief GD Gupta of the KCC Unit (Khetri Copper Complex Unit), Delhi-based Chief Vigilance Officer Upendra Pandey, and Deputy General Manager of Kolihan Mine AK Sharma were among the executives trapped within the mine. The others were Arnav Bhandari, Yashoraj Meena, Vanendra Bhandari, Niranjan Sahu, Pritam Singh, Harsiram, Bhagirath, Vinod Singh Shekhawat, AK Baira, and Karan Singh Gehlot. Who has been pulled out and who is still stuck within has not yet been made public.

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