Lok Sabha Election 2024

Lok Sabha Election 2024

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Modi’s Sanjay Draws Bigger Crowds Than Congress’s Manish

-As a local, Sanjay Tandon is gaining support from the people

-People are also impressed by Modi’s public welfare schemes

The final phase of the Lok Sabha elections is currently underway, and the election campaign is in full swing. In this concluding phase, voting will take place for many Lok Sabha seats, including Chandigarh. Sanjay Tandon is the Bharatiya Janata Party candidate in Chandigarh, while Manish Tiwari is running for the Congress. During his election rallies, Sanjay Tandon is emphasizing the guarantee of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whereas Manish Tiwari is highlighting Congress’s promise of justice.

Interestingly, the debate about local versus outsider candidates is also a hot topic among the people of Chandigarh. Manish Tiwari, who has previously contested elections from Ludhiana and Anandpur Sahib, is contesting for the first time from Chandigarh in this Lok Sabha election. This has sparked discussions that he might seek a different constituency next time, while Sanjay Tandon, a local and former state president of Chandigarh, enjoys a good rapport with the residents.

During a discussion at a tea shop in Sector 33, people mentioned that the public welfare schemes introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi have benefitted the general populace. Consequently, they believe the Bharatiya Janata Party will secure their votes. Regarding the Congress, people feel that the alliances formed by the party do not seem strong and that the Modi government has achieved more in the past ten years than Congress did during its tenure.

The sentiment among the people here is clearly in favor of Sanjay Tandon, both for his connection to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his status as a local. Interestingly, while Congress candidate Manish Tiwari consistently calls for debates, BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon has dismissed the idea. Tandon’s supporters argue that a debate should only take place with someone who truly understands Chandigarh’s issues. They question how a candidate who previously moved on from representing Ludhiana and Anandpur Sahib can now be trusted in Chandigarh.

The large crowds at Sanjay Tandon’s election rallies indicate that the people of Chandigarh prefer “Modi’s Sanjay” over “Congress’s Manish.”

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