Rahul Gandhi’s ‘despite knowing everything…’ assault on Narendra Modi in the Prajwal Revanna controversy

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi’s ‘despite knowing everything…’ assault on Narendra Modi in the Prajwal Revanna controversy

Rahul Gandhi
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The issue over the alleged sex films involving Prajwal Revanna heated up on Wednesday, with Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah accusing former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda of sending his grandson abroad. Meanwhile, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the affair, accusing him of elevating the JD(S) MP while “knowing everything”.
Rahul Gandhi said that PM Modi had kept “a shameful silence” on the matter.

“As usual, Narendra Modi has kept a dismal silence over the heinous assaults against women in Karnataka. The Prime Minister will have to address the following question: Knowing all, why did they encourage the monster who exploited hundreds of daughters for votes? After all, how could such a huge criminal flee the nation so easily?” Rahul Gandhi wrote on X.

“From Kaiserganj to Karnataka and Unnao to Uttarakhand, the Prime Minister’s tacit support for the perpetrators of daughters is bolstering the spirit of criminals across the nation. Is belonging to Modi’s ‘political family’ a ‘guarantee of protection’ for criminals? He added.

The Karnataka chief minister accused the BJP of issuing a visa to Prajwal Revanna.

“MP Prajwal Revanna fled abroad following the viral footage. Deve Gowda himself sent his grandson, Prajwal Revanna, overseas. “Who gave him a visa? Only the BJP,” Siddaramaiah asked while speaking at a rally in Karnataka.

Siddaramaiah denied that deputy chief minister DK Shivakumar was engaged in spreading the sexually graphic recordings.

“Prajwal’s pen drive case is unrelated to DCM DK Shivakumar. HD Kumaraswamy’s claim that DK Shivakumar was behind the pen drive case is incorrect. Prajwal’s driver, Karthi, said that the pen drive was handed by a BJP politician, but Kumaraswamy accused DK Shivakumar of politics,” the chief minister stated.

Siddaramaiah said that BJP leader Amit Shah granted Prajwal Revanna a poll ticket despite knowing about his suspected participation in the sex scandal.

“Why did Amit Shah offer him the ticket knowing all of this? Why did they provide a ticket to the culprit in the sex scandal? “SIT will conduct a transparent investigation,” he stressed.

Hundreds of sexually filthy recordings circulated around Hassan, Revanna’s parliamentary seat. The state government has established a SIT to probe the accusations.

Prajwal Revanna is allegedly in Germany. He filed a police report against what he claimed doctored videos.

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