New Unrest in Sandeshkhali, Bengal, Attacks the Aide of a Trinamool MLA


New Unrest in Sandeshkhali, Bengal, Attacks the Aide of a Trinamool MLA

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In West Bengal, Sandeskhali island saw a recent spike in tension following reports that BJP supporters had assaulted a Trinamool Congress worker during a demonstration.
Near the local police station, Tatan Gayen, an assistant to Trinamool MLA Sukumar Mahto, was attacked. Soon after police arrived, riot control was dispatched.

Today, the BJP arranged a demonstration on the island, during which its representatives claimed the Trinamool Congress administration was fabricating accusations against them.

The ordinary island in North 24 Parganas gained national attention after locals accused Sheikh Shahjahan, the strongman of the Trinamool party, of extortion, sexual harassment, and land grabs. Following his expulsion from Trinamool, Shahjahan is being held by the CBI in relation to an attack on Enforcement Directorate agents by a crowd.

In a startling turn of events earlier in the month, a widely shared video purportedly featured local BJP leader Gangadhar Koyal asserting that there had been no rapes or incidents of sexual harassment in Sandeshkhali and that women had been persuaded to register complaints by BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari, the leader of the opposition in the Bengal Assembly. The politician in the video and the BJP have both said that the tape was edited.

In yet another shocking turn of events, a lady has claimed that individuals connected to the BJP forced her to sign a blank document, after which they falsely filed a rape accusation on her behalf.

A political brawl has broken out over the events; the Trinamool is accusing the BJP of fabricating tales to damage its reputation in order to further its own political agenda.

Today, BJP activists protested in front of the local police station, calling for action against local leaders of the Trinamool Congress, whom they said were disseminating bogus films. Rekha Patra, a native of Sandeshkhali and the BJP candidate from Basirhat, was one of the demonstrators.

A female BJP supporter accused the local government of bringing fictitious charges against BJP members in an interview with the media. “The Trinamool government is harassing us because the ground is slipping from under their feet.”

In reaction to claims that the BJP paid women to report sexual harassment, she said, “Did Mamata Banerjee visit this location even once and see any payment being made to us? For their honor, the mothers of Sandeshkhali have taken to the streets.”

The lady who claimed that BJP leaders had falsely filed a rape allegation against her was the focus of another female protestor. “What level of wealth do they possess to assert that everything is false? If they aren’t arrested, the public won’t spare them.”

Sukumar Mahata, a Trinamool MLA whose aide was attacked, stated that the incident had to be started by someone. “The police station was under siege by them. They were then provoked into attacking. He asked the local media, “Is this political decency?”

Sajal Ghosh, a local BJP politician, said that Sandeshkhali had no laws for a period of twelve years. “Trinamool had been beating up whomever they wanted till now. After being shot to death, three of our employees went missing. Therefore, today’s event cannot be deemed regrettable,” he informed the press.

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