Lookout Notice: Arrest Warning For Ex-PM’s Grandson In Sex Harassment Case

Prajwal Revanna

Lookout Notice: Arrest Warning For Ex-PM’s Grandson In Sex Harassment Case

Prajwal Revanna
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A lookout notice has been issued for Janata Dal Secular MP Prajwal Revanna amid the political uproar over sexual harassment charges against him. Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara stated that Revanna must come before the Special Investigation Team investigating the case as soon as possible, adding that if he does not appear, he may be detained. Earlier, the SIT denied his request for seven days to appear before the investigators.

Revanna, the 33-year-old grandson of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda, is at the focus of a major controversy when a lady accused him and his father, HD Revanna, of sexual harassment. The lady, who informed police that he worked as a kitchen at the Revannas’ house, also accused the JDS MP of harassing her daughter via video conversations. A massive cache of obscene images, apparently involving Prajwal Revanna, has surfaced on the internet.

“They need to appear. “If they don’t, they’ll be arrested,” the minister stated, referring to Prajwal and HD Revanna.
Arun G, Prajwal Revanna’s lawyer, had stated that the matter has several aspects and will take time to resolve. “He stated that he needed seven days to arrive and cooperate with the inquiry. I believe accommodating seven days should not provide any significant challenges to the study,” he added.

The lawyer said Prajwal acknowledged the films were manipulated. In a post on X, the JDS MP stated, “As I am not in Bangalore to attend the investigation, I have contacted with CID, Bangalore, through my counsel. “The truth will emerge soon.”

Meanwhile, the charges have caused a major political controversy during election season. The JDS has allied with the BJP for the elections, and the charges against Prajwal Revanna have caused the Congress to unleash a full-fledged onslaught on the party.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence. “The leader on whose shoulder the Prime Minister places his hand and has himself photographed; the leader for whom the Prime Minister personally campaigns 10 days before the election. He compliments him on stage. Today, the Karnataka leader has fled the country. Even hearing about his horrific actions makes my heart shiver. He has damaged the lives of countless women. “Modi ji, will you remain silent?” she said in a post on X.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has fired back. He has stated that the BJP cannot continue to support individuals who perpetrate crimes against women and has questioned why the Congress administration in Karnataka did not take action against him before.

“We (BJP) have formed an alliance with the JD (S). Now (Prajwal) Revanna’s CD has arrived. They (Congress) believed they could corner the BJP. “I am making it clear that the BJP cannot continue to support those who commit atrocities against women,” the Home Minister stated. “You did not take any action till the Vokkaliga elections were done. You acted politically and let him (Prajwal Revanna) escape. If you have the guts, say the truth. “Because of you, a heinous criminal fled the country,” he continued.

The JDS first family is from the Vokkaliga community, which has enormous power in southern Karnataka. On April 26, fourteen Lok Sabha constituencies with a significant number of Vokkaliga voters went to the polls.

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