Cooking Gas Cylinder Explodes In Mumbai, 8 Injured

Cooking Gas Cylinder Explodes In Mumbai, 8 Injured

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According to officials, the fire that started early on Saturday morning in Mumbai’s Bandra neighborhood has injured eight people. The identities of the three additional injured are Seeta (45), Sangita (32) and Samsher (50).
“Three additional people sustained burn injuries in the fire that broke out in the Bandra area this morning,” stated Dr. Purva, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Bandra Bhabha Hospital.

The CMO reports that among the burn victims, Nikhil Jogesh Das suffered 35 percent, Rakesh Ramjanam Sharma 40 percent, Anthony Paul Thengal 30 percent, Kalicharan Majilal Kanojiya 25 percent, and Shan Ali Zakir Ali Siddiqui 40 percent.

“Samsher received super facial burns, Sangita sustained minor injuries, and one injured person Seeta refused to be hospitalised,” said the chief marketing officer.

Five people were said to have suffered burns in the fire this morning. Authorities believed that an explosion in a cooking gas cylinder was what started the fire.

An official from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) provided details of the incident, saying, “We hurried engines and firefighters to the scene as soon as we received information about the fire. They managed to contain the fire.”

According to officials, the injured were brought to the Bhabha Hospital located in Bandra for medical attention.

“The incident took place in the Bandra area of Mumbai around 6.19 am on Saturday,” a Mumbai Fire Brigade (MFB) official stated. We think that an explosion from an LPG cylinder started the fire.”

“Only one upper-floored structure, a stock of clothing, electric wiring, and electric installations were affected by the fire. Around 6:40 a.m., the fire was put out,” the fire official continued.

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