‘It’s A Commercial Masaaledar Content,’ Says Ishaa Saha About Upcoming Bengali Series ‘Paashbalish’

‘It’s A Commercial Masaaledar Content,’ Says Ishaa Saha About Upcoming Bengali Series ‘Paashbalish’

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The Bengali OTT series ‘Paashbalish’ is expected to premiere soon on the streaming platform Zed 5. Korak Murmu directs the show, which stars Ishaa Saha, Suhotra Mukhopadhyay, Sourav Das, and Rishi Kaushik in major parts. A beautiful story of love, passion, and vengeance, the series promises an intriguing journey in which entwined destinies intersect in unexpected and dramatic ways involving ‘Babla’ and ‘Mampi’, two childhood friends separated in Bangladesh. Fast forward 15 years, and the two reconnect in the little village of Pathorkuchi, where the plot raises issues about their reunion.

Ishaa Saha’s Role As A Crime Journalist:

“I play Aanchal, a crime journalist who refuses to take a job despite being offered positions in Kolkata’s leading media houses. Instead, she chooses to explore YouTube while remaining in her hometown with her friends and family. As a YouTuber, her goal is to discuss local concerns and share their tales with a bigger audience. She meets Chandu, played by Suhotra Mukhopadhyay, while visiting the police station on several occasions for work,” Ishaa explained.

What to Expect From This Series:

 Ishaa loved working on this series, citing the talented cast and director Korak Murmu.

“This project with Zed 5 came to me after a long period, with the last one being ‘Mafia’–a very different type of show, and I believe the audience has missed it. Also, I didn’t have much experience at the time. If ‘Mafia’ had came to me now, I believe I would have performed better. Another reason to admire ‘Paashbalish’ is that it was directed by Korak Murmu, and this gave me the opportunity to establish myself in mainstream commercial entertainment,” she explained.

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