This is a Rahul Gandhi-Narendra Modi election. Amit Shah

Amit Shah

This is a Rahul Gandhi-Narendra Modi election. Amit Shah

Amit Shah
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Union Home Minister Amit Shah stated on Thursday that the 2024 Lok Sabha election will be a “Rahul Gandhi versus Narendra Modi election”.

“The 2024 election is between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi. “It is an election that pits ‘vote for jihad’ against ‘vote for vikas’,” Shah stated during a public gathering in Telangana’s Bhongir Lok Sabha seat, which votes on May 13.

He also characterized the current parliamentary election as a struggle between Modi’s “Bharatiya guarantee” and Rahul’s “Chinese guarantee.”

He referred to the Congress, the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), and the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) as a “triangle of appeasement” and stated, “These people don’t allow the celebration of ‘Hyderabad Liberation Day’ (September 17). These individuals oppose the CAA. “These people want to run Telangana according to Sharia and the Quran.”

The Union minister expressed confidence that the BJP will win ten Lok Sabha seats in Telangana this time around, up from four in 2019. “This double-digit score would enable PM Modi reach 400 seats (in Parliament). The Congress is propagating misinformation, alleging that if PM Modi is elected again, he will remove reservations. But PM Modi has been ruling this country for the past few years, and he has not ended any reservations. The Congress party has taken away SC, ST, and OBC reservations by granting Muslims 4%. “If the BJP wins, we will increase reservations for SC, ST, and OBCs,” Shah stated.

He further stated that Modi made attempts to revive the textile business in Bhongir. The government’s textile strategy seeks to enhance the system at all levels, from “farm to fibre,” fibre to factory, factory to fashion, and fashion to exports.

Shah also criticized the Congress, claiming that the party does not keep its pledges. “PM Modi keeps what he says and pledges. The Congress party halted the construction of the Ram Mandir for 70 years. In barely five years, PM Modi won the lawsuit, performed bhoomi pooja, and conducted the pran prathistha ritual. PM Modi also repealed Article 370, ensuring that our flag will always fly in Kashmir, he remarked.

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