Honoring Visionaries: Dr. Hari Krishna Maram to Grace 24 Prominent Personalities of the World 2024

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March 02, 2024

The upcoming 24 Prominent Personalities of the World 2024 Award Ceremony is set to be held in Oxford on March 24th, 2024. This prestigious event serves as a platform to honor the extraordinary achievements and lasting impacts made by individuals who have transcended boundaries and defied all odds. It aims to celebrate those who have left an enduring mark on society through their remarkable contributions. Among the esteemed guests gracing the event is Dr. Hari Krishna Maram, further enhancing the significance and grandeur of the occasion.

Dr. Hari Krishna Maram has demonstrated excellence in management education, digital innovation, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). With a distinguished career spanning over 28 years, Dr. Maram has made significant contributions across various domains, earning accolades and recognition from both national and international platforms. As the Chairman of Vision Digital India and Founder Chairman of Imperial College and Global Digital University, USA, Dr. Maram is at the forefront of digital transformation. His visionary leadership drives initiatives aimed at leveraging technology to revolutionise education and empower future generations with digital skills.

Contributions to Management Education: Dr. Maram’s expertise in management education is unparalleled. With a decade-long tenure at Novartis Global Pharma, coupled with his roles in prestigious organisations such as AIMA, CII, and IFMA, he has contributed to management education through innovative programs and strategic collaborations. Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Maram is deeply committed to CSR activities. Serving as the District Chairman of Lion’s International and Trustee of Lions Super Speciality Eye Hospital, he spearheads initiatives aimed at healthcare, education, and environmental conservation, leaving a lasting impact on communities worldwide.

International Recognition and Awards: Dr. Maram’s contributions have been recognised globally, earning him prestigious awards such as the Knighthood Award from the UK, Inspirational Leader Award from the UK Parliament, and International Leadership Award from the Institute of Economic Studies. His inclusion in Forbes Magazine’s list of top thinkers and receipt of awards from governments and institutions worldwide attest to his remarkable influence and impact. Dr. Maram’s dedication to academia is evident through his extensive research, publication of over 100 articles and research papers, and mentorship of research students. He holds multiple academic and honorary doctorate degrees from leading universities, reflecting his commitment to advancing knowledge and scholarship.

Global Influence and Philanthropy: Having travelled to over 50 countries and served as a keynote speaker in over 200 conferences, Dr. Maram’s influence transcends borders. His philanthropic endeavours, combined with his role as a global ambassador for education and innovation, exemplify his commitment to creating a better world through knowledge and compassion. Dr. Hari Krishna Maram’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of visionary leadership, digital innovation, and social responsibility. His relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with his unwavering dedication to serving humanity, positions him as a prominent figure shaping the future of education and societal development on a global scale.