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Invitation to Celebrate BK Geeta Didi’s Guinness World Record Achievement: A Beacon of Positive Change

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October 05, 2023

Congratulations to BK Geeta Didi for her achievement to be a part of Guiness World Record Book Chapter titled “23 Positive Change Makers in the World 2023”. We are proud to announce that on your big achievement you’re invited in the grand celebration at Lords Cricket Ground in London, United Kingdom on 3 December 2023 .. .

B.K. Geeta Didi, is a Senior Rajyoga Teacher who embodies spiritual wisdom and decades of dedication to personal and global transformation through the Brahma Kumaris. For over 31 years, she passionately imparts godly knowledge and nurtures the individuals through spiritual, moral, and value education to find inner peace, joy, happiness, hope, and live a life of purpose and fulfillment leaving profound impact on countless lives to care, share, inspire and uplift others for the betterment of society.
We would be delighted to see you there..
Waiting for your arrival.