Congress Responds to US Envoy’s Statement Regarding Violence in Manipur as “Very Rare”

Congress Responds to US Envoy’s Statement Regarding Violence in Manipur as “Very Rare”

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On Thursday, US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti stated that his nation is “ready to assist” the Centre in addressing the violence in Manipur even though it is an internal concern for India.

“I don’t think it has to do with strategy; I think it has to do with human issues. When asked if the US was concerned about the bloodshed in Manipur, Mr. Garcetti responded, “You don’t have to be an Indian to care when children or persons die in this sort of violence.

If needed, we are prepared to help in any way. “We pray for peace and ask that it come quickly because we are aware that it is an Indian matter,” he said.

The Congress responded to Mr. Garcetti’s statement by stating that it is extremely uncommon for a US envoy to make such a declaration into India’s internal affairs. Congress politician Manish Tewari stated, “To the best of my knowledge going back at least four decades in Public life, I have never heard a US Ambassador making a speech of this sort about the internal affairs of India.

“Over the years, we confronted challenges in Punjab, J&K, and the North East and overcame them with sagacity and wisdom. The complicated and tortured history of US-India relations and our sensitivity to perceived or actual, well-intentioned or malicious intrusion into our domestic affairs are two things I doubt the New @USAmbIndia @ericgarcettz is aware of, according to Mr. Tewari.

The violence in Manipur started on May 3 and has resulted in over 3,000 injuries and over 120 deaths.

In addition to the 114 companies of the Central Armed Police Force deployed throughout Manipur, there are also the equal number of Army and Assam Rifles columns patrolling different districts.

Even though security forces are heavily deployed in some areas of the rural state that borders Myanmar, sporadic acts of violence and arson continue to happen.

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