“We Were Preoccupied With Cricket….”: Anand Mahindra On Kashmir Gunbattle

“We Were Preoccupied With Cricket….”: Anand Mahindra On Kashmir Gunbattle

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Businessman Anand Mahindra honored the four soldiers who lost their lives fighting terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir over the course of two days, citing their “extraordinary courage” in doing so. The three soldiers and the two Army officers died on Wednesday in Rajouri following a gunfight.
Mr. Mahindra pleaded with the soldiers not to become “another statistic” as they “pass on quietly” on X, the former Twitter platform.

“They can’t end up being just another number. Even though we are engrossed in cricket matches, stock markets, festivals, and other events, it takes tremendous bravery to put your life in danger to ensure the safety of a billion people. While they go on silently, they must not go unnoticed or unacknowledged. We honor them. Om Shanti,” uttered he.

Lance Naik Wednesday morning’s gunfight in the Kalakot forests of Rajouri involved Sanjay Bisht, Paratrooper Sachin Laur, Capt MV Pranjal, Capt Shubham Gupta, and Havildar Abdul Majid. The fighting continued until Thursday evening. Security forces killed two terrorists during the encounter, one of them a high-ranking Pakistani sniper who was a member of the Lashkar-e-Taib.

A video of army officials laying wreaths during a memorial service for the soldiers was shared by the chairman of Mahindra Group. 407,000 people have viewed the post since he shared it, showing how many people shared his memory of the soldiers’ sacrifice.

“In fact, with all of the commotion of everyday life, their sacrifices are often forgotten. We are so grateful and respectful of their bravery and selflessness,” a user commented.

“Salute to these brave hearts,” another user remarked. We are incredibly grateful to them for keeping us safe while we enjoy the festivals and games.”

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