Talk Of AI Taking Away Jobs “Bakwas”, “Y2K-Like Hype”: Junior IT Minister

Talk Of AI Taking Away Jobs “Bakwas”, “Y2K-Like Hype”: Junior IT Minister

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Comments concerning artificial intelligence eliminating jobs in India were deemed to be “nonsense, bakwas” by Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar.

Artificial intelligence (AI) today, according to the minister of state for electronics, information, and technology, is task-focused and fundamentally improves job efficiency by replicating human behaviour.

I apologise if I sound pessimistic. I heard about how Y2K was going to end the planet for all of 1999. Then I hear that AI will eliminate our jobs, and it goes without saying that certain individuals just want to consider the worst possible outcome of any breakthrough. Zero, rubbish, bakwas, AI will complete our duties, he claimed.

“Today’s generation of artificial intelligence is task-focused and essentially increases task efficiency by imitating human behaviour.” After revealing the fully automated, cutting-edge electromagnetic interference and compatibility laboratories at the Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research (SAMEER) in this location on Friday, Chandrasekhar spoke with reporters.

He said that the government was putting up a programme for data sets wherein start-ups and researchers in artificial intelligence in India would have access to government-anonymized data.

“These are data sets that would be made available on a curated basis, and the Ministry set up the design for those five works,” the minister added.

There were two consultations, and the government would shortly reveal the complete architecture of the data sets plan.

Regarding the Indian semiconductor market, he stated that the government was working to create an ecosystem that would be ready in three to five years.

Mr. Chandrasekhar provided more details, stating that there were none 18 months ago and that there are now about 30 start-up companies working on semiconductor design.

“You see, IIT Madras is receiving private capital backing with the request that it grow; that is the difference in 18 months. This project was originally intended to be a PhD study. It is not public funds. Private investors are supporting a business that will design semiconductors for the next generation of computers out of Chennai, according to Mr. Chandrasekhar.

He predicted that India would soon have a centre for semiconductor research and would participate in the global semiconductor value chain.

“We’re going to accomplish in ten years what China tried to accomplish in thirty and failed. What does China currently have after spending USD 2 billion over the past 15 years trying to establish a semiconductor industry? Zero battey sannata is a word used in Hindi, the minister stated.

Since the electronics sector did not exist prior to 2014 and had been destroyed by imports, we are certain that this (semiconductor design) is truly transformational. We (India) are a respected and important participant in the electronics industry today,” he remarked.

“In three-five years, we will have a fully competitive world-class semiconductor ecosystem in India,” he added.

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