Prakash Ambedkar claims that “Gujarat Model Of Hatred And Violence Used In Manipur.”

Prakash Ambedkar

Prakash Ambedkar claims that “Gujarat Model Of Hatred And Violence Used In Manipur.”

Prakash Ambedkar
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Prakash Ambedkar, a leader of the VBA, attacked the BJP for its tactics of Brahminization and religious polarisation during a press conference he gave on Monday in Mumbai. The BJP is implementing the same violence paradigm as Gujarat in the state of North East.

In a statement condemning PM Modi, VBA leader Prakash Ambedkar claimed that Manipur has adopted the brutality of Gujarat. According to Ambedkar, the violence in Manipur is ethnic cleansing more than just hate crimes.

Ambedkar, who spoke at a news conference in Mumbai on Monday, accused the BJP of promoting Brahminization and religious divisiveness.

“Under the cover of ‘Achche Din,’ the BJP continued to carry out its programme of Brahminization and religious divisiveness. As a result, there are now more hate crimes committed against minorities, SC, ST, and people of colour, according to Ambedkar. “In Gujarat in 2002, violence against minorities was organised using the same strategy of hate, violence, and ethnic cleansing, which helped the BJP-RSS win the national election. Ambedkar continued by saying that the violence in Gujarat in 2002 and the recent violence in Manipur share a number of characteristics and that the same methodology is now being employed in Manipur.

He said, “State sponsored violence, protracted violent episodes, ethnic cleansing, horrendous crimes against women, and defacing are common characteristics between Gujarat and Manipur. Ambedkar added, “The shop of hatred and communalism and the world’s biggest stockiest of these goods are in Delhi,” blaming Modi for the unrest in Manipur. The individual goes by the name Pradhan Sevak.

“I’d like to advise him not to attempt to verify the name Sonia Gandhi gave him during the unrest in 2002. These events have raised doubts about India’s federal system, Ambedkar continued. Ambedkar added that although the Manipur issue is a domestic one, attempts are being made to politicise it, tie it to the insurgency, and assign blame to China.

By Nishtha Dhoundiyal

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