Bonus Earned, Future Secured: Invest in Fixed Deposits for Smart Savings on Bajaj Markets

Bonus Earned, Future Secured: Invest in Fixed Deposits for Smart Savings on Bajaj Markets

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Bajaj Markets, a leading digital financial marketplace, offers a diverse range of investment instruments, including Fixed Deposits (FD), through partnerships with several banks and NBFCs. These FDs present an ideal opportunity to start saving, secure one’s future, and achieve various financial goals.

Park idle funds in an FD and watch them grow

Many individuals receive annual bonuses which often remain uninvested or are spent on purchasing non-essential objects. Instead, one can consider investing the amount in FDs to make the most of it. One of the key highlights of the FDs available on Bajaj Markets are the attractive interest rates, with some issuers offering up to 9.00% p.a.

On Bajaj Markets, investors can conveniently compare and book fixed deposits from these reputed issuers:

FD Issuer

Maximum Interest Rate (p.a.)

Minimum Deposit Amount

Bajaj Finance Ltd.


Rs. 15,000

Mahindra Finance Ltd.


Rs. 5,000

PNB Housing Finance Ltd.


Rs. 10,000



Rs. 10,000

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank


Rs. 1,000

AU Small Finance Bank


Rs. 1,000

*Disclaimer: The mentioned interest rates are subject to change at the issuers discretion.

By investing their annual bonus in FDs, individuals could benefit from the stability and security these instruments offer. They can also invest in tax-saver FDs issued by banks to claim tax deductions. These investments are eligible for deductions up to Rs. 1.50 Lakhs under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961, per financial year.

Booking an FD on Bajaj Markets offers several benefits, including:

Quick Processing: Fast and efficient online FD booking process

Auto-Renewal Facility: Option for auto-renewal on select FDs, ensuring continuous investment without manual intervention and loss of interest

Premature Closure Options: Flexibility to close FDs before maturity if needed, subject to certain terms and conditions

Loan Against FDs: Opportunity to obtain loans against FDs from certain issuers, providing liquidity without premature closure

The platform also provides a user-friendly experience with a wide range of investment options, serving as a one-stop destination for all investment needs. Investors can easily start their savings journey through the Bajaj Markets website or app.

About Bajaj Finserv DirectLimited

Bajaj Finserv Direct, a subsidiary of Bajaj Finserv, is one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in India. It has two primary arms, Bajaj Markets, a financial marketplace, and Bajaj Technology Services, a techfin service provider.

Bajaj Markets is a marketplace that offers multiple financial products across all categories – Loans, Cards, Insurance, Investments, Payments, Pocket Insurance, and VAS. Bajaj Markets has partnered with trusted financial brands to offer “India ka Financial Supermarket”. A one-stop destination where its customers can explore a host of products that can help them achieve their financial life goals.

Having started its journey as a fintech, Bajaj Finserv Direct has also built a very strong business as a techfin. Through Bajaj Technology Services it offers a wide gamut of digital technology services which span Custom Applications, Enterprise Applications, Data & Analytics, Gen AI, Cloud Services and Digital Agency.

Visit the Bajaj Markets website or download the Bajaj Markets’ app from the Play Store or App Store to experience “India ka Financial Supermarket”.

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