Abhishek Gupta, Chairman, CII Punjab & Chief – Strategic Marketing, Trident Ltd. Highlights the Importance of the IT Sector to India’s Economy at Landmark IT Conference Hosted by CII

Abhishek Gupta, Chairman, CII Punjab & Chief – Strategic Marketing, Trident Ltd. Highlights the Importance of the IT Sector to India’s Economy at Landmark IT Conference Hosted by CII

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In a significant move to bolster the IT landscape in Northern India, the CII Conference on Exploring IT Frontiers took place today at the CII Northern Region Headquarters. The event brought together industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to discuss and explore the latest advancements in technology and their potential impact on the regions economy.

Abhishek Gupta, Chairman, CII Punjab & Chief – Strategic Marketing, Trident Ltd. with speakers at the Conference on Exploring IT Frontiers

The conference covered a vast spectrum of IT innovations, from the pioneering realms of AI and Generative AI to the intricate field of process mining and the foundational aspects of software engineering. One of the key highlights was the discussion on the role of data centers in enhancing Northern Indias IT capabilities.

Abhishek Gupta, Chairman, CII Punjab State & Chief – Strategic Marketing, Trident Ltd. highlighted the importance of the IT sector to Indias economy. On a national level, the IT industry stands as a cornerstone of Indias economic growth. As of FY22, the IT sector accounted for 7.4% of Indias GDP, a figure projected to reach 10% by 2025. The IT and Business Process Management (BPM) industries revenue was estimated at a staggering US$245 billion in FY 2023. These numbers underscore the vital role that IT plays in our nations economic landscape,” Mr Gupta remarked.

He further emphasized the immense potential of Small and Medium Businesses and how IT can be a catalyst for their growth. He further shared that automation & digitalisation of repetitive tasks of routine business operations can save SMBs an average of 10% in productivity costs, which can be achieved through Digital Transformation, ERP / SCM Solutions, Cloud Computing, SAAS Models, Data Analytics, AI & ML, Customer Engagement tools, Social media and digital marketing tools. He also highlighted importance of e-commerce platforms, Internet of Things (IoT), invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), develop a mobile strategy with focus on building a strong online presence to stay competitive and cautioned SMBs on cybersecurity threats.

Trident Group has always pursued excellence in innovative technologies under Abhishek Guptas guidance. As Chairman of CII Punjab, his vision aligns with Tridents ethos of nation building, prioritizing continual improvement, innovation, and sustainable practices. Together, they aim to propel both Trident and Punjabs business landscape towards greater prosperity and success.

Abhishek Gupta, Chairman, CII Punjab, holds the position of Chief – Strategic Marketing at Trident Limited, one of the largest vertically integrated Textile (Yarn, Bath & Bed Linen) Paper (Wheat Straw-based) and Chemical manufacturer. His leadership has been instrumental in driving Tridents success, introducing initiatives to optimize corporate functions and enhance supply chain management. His dedication to innovation has driven Tridents global expansion, with products reaching 150+ countries.

Harpreet Nibber, Chairman, CII Mohali & Managing Director, Pritika Auto Industries, emphasized the long-term vision for Punjab, saying, “This is just the beginning. The potential weve unveiled today is an invitation to explore, innovate, and shape the future of IT. Let Punjab become a breeding ground for ground breaking ideas, a launch pad for disruptive technologies, and a hub for collaboration that transcends borders. With our combined talent, drive, and vision, we can propel Punjab to the forefront of the global IT revolution.

During an exclusive session focussed on AI in manufacturing, Tejpreet Singh Chopra, President and CEO, BLP Group/ Industry.AI said, “AIs transformative potential is already evident across various sectors, including banking, healthcare, and finance, and its set to revolutionize manufacturing and infrastructure projects as well. India stands at the forefront of this AI revolution, equipped with robust capabilities in cloud infrastructure, computing power, talent acquisition, and algorithm development. The real challenge lies in effectively harnessing data, and the expertise to unlock its full potential to drive productivity, quality safety and sustainability. Punjab being a manufacturing hub for industries like textiles, components, & sports, it is imperative for SMBs to seize this transformative opportunity, leveraging AI-driven solutions to streamline operations, optimize resource utilization, and enhance decision-making processes that propel economic growth in the state.

The conference featured several sessions that provided deep insights into the current and future state of IT in the region. Key discussion areas included the state of IT in North India, understanding the tech landscape in both India and Northern India, and maximizing the potential of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by leveraging SAS solutions from industry experts. Additionally, the sessions delved into AI and cutting-edge technologies that are shaping industries, offering a comprehensive overview of the transformative power and future direction of IT in the region.

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