TCS Issues Warning to Employees for Violation of Work From Office Policy and Memo: Report

TCS Issues Warning to Employees for Violation of Work From Office Policy and Memo: Report

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The top IT services provider in India, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), has issued a stern warning to staff members who don’t abide by its return to work policy. This year, TCS announced that it will not permit staff to work entirely remotely, a situation made necessary by the coronavirus outbreak. Additionally, it sent letters to workers requesting that they work from home three days a week. The emails were issued in the latter part of last year, but the business discovered that certain employees are still not abiding by the regulation.

TCS has reportedly started mailing notes to staff who don’t put in at least 12 days of office time per month, according to a Times of India article.

According to the TOI report, the document also cautions that disciplinary actions will be taken against employees who do not follow the roster.

The memo states, “With immediate effect, you are advised and directed to start reporting to work from your office location as per the assigned roster.”

Not more than 25% of TCS employees will need to work from the office at any given time, in accordance with the TCS practise of calling staff to the office three days per week.

Rostering would be based on project requirements, the company had stated last year, and a mix of new hires and seasoned workers will be invited to the workplace.

The move, according to TCS, is a part of a staged transition away from the company’s Secure Borderless Workspaces (SBWS) and towards a more hybrid approach that will permit the majority of its workers to work from the office for some days each week.

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