Indian-origin man flashes ‘NMODI’ car number plate ahead of PM’s US visit

Indian-origin man flashes ‘NMODI’ car number plate ahead of PM’s US visit

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A supporter of Prime Minister Modi in Maryland, USA, who proudly displays a ‘NMODI’ licence plate, claimed that the PM is an inspiration to him and that he is looking forward to seeing him when he visits the US.

“I first took this plate in November of 2016. I find inspiration in Narendra Modi. He motivates me to take positive action for the community, the planet, and the country. I’m looking forward to welcoming PM Modi when he arrives here,” Raghavendra remarked.

The Indian Tricolour was spotted outside the White House in Washington, D.C. on Friday in anticipation of PM Modi’s trip to the US.

Jesal Nar, an Indian national living in New Jersey, said, “Seeing the tricolour is truly an honour and a source of pride. I travel across America for work while carrying a tricolour.

Next week, Prime Minister Modi will make his first state visit to the US. PM Modi will speak to the Joint Session of the US Congress from June 20 to 24, and he will also meet with a number of American legislators, notable individuals, and well-known figures from the diaspora.

The ceremonial greeting of PM Modi is currently being practised on the South Lawn of the White House. For the welcome ceremony for the Indian PM, kids were spotted practising.

On the invitation of US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, PM Modi is travelling to the US. The trip will start in New York, where the prime minister will preside over the International Day of Yoga ceremonies on 21 June at the UN building.

US Congressman Buddy Carter has stated that the nation eagerly anticipates listening to Prime Minister Narendra Modi address a joint session of the US Congress.

“The US-India partnership is crucial. We’re eager to hear Prime Minister Modi address the joint session. On PM Modi’s visit to the US, Mr. Carter remarked, “PM Modi has served the people well.

Regarding the PM’s visit to the US, US Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith said: “We will be honoured to have him (PM Modi) address a joint meeting of the Congress next week underscoring the significance of the relationship between the US and India.”

According to Ms. Smith, the relationship between the US and India is a global collaboration that goes beyond an alliance.

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