The Two Most Inspiring Books, Authored by Prof Dr. Parin Somani and Vani Moodly, Launched at the Global Research Conference

The Two Most Inspiring Books, Authored by Prof Dr. Parin Somani and Vani Moodly, Launched at the Global Research Conference

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In a recent GRC event, Dr. Parin Somani launched her latest book – ‘Manifest Inner Beauty,’ part 1 which enlightens us about the path of fulfillment by making us think beyond an aesthetic appearance and help us recognize what really makes us beautiful.

The author, Dr. Parin Somani is the Director of the London Organisation of Skills Development. She is an Independent Academic Scholar, TEDx Speaker, Educator, International Motivational Speaker, Author, Writer, Banker, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, and Multi-International Award Winner.

In her recent book, she has beautifully expressed her thoughts and acquainted us with the true meaning of beauty and the qualities that make us beautiful inside. She explained how individuals can perceive themselves in a  positive light and how it can help them towards living a happier life. 

Her book teaches how to create inner beauty by changing negative beliefs and thoughts, how to focus the mind on important things, set healthy boundaries, accept others, and create a happy life for family and friends. It also teaches how to have a positive mindset and use visualization techniques to help achieve goals.

The book is a compilation of the author’s experiences and knowledge and a treasure of her inspiring thoughts. Another great author, Vani Moodley, has also graced the GRC event with her presence and launched her new book – ‘The Triumphs and Kafkaesque of Women Leaders.’

Vani Moodley is from South Africa. She is the Chief Executive at Vani Moodley & Associates (Pty) Ltd, a global Entrepreneurship, Management, Leadership, and Employee Wellness training, consulting, coaching, and development company.

In her book – ‘The Triumphs and Kafkaesque of Women Leaders,’ twenty dynamic women leaders from six countries in the world shared their journey. Whilst their triumphant and poignant accounts are profound, their outstanding leadership qualities, admirable resilience, and inspiring introspection provide insightful lessons and advice to current and future women leaders of the world.

By using the themes that emerge from the experiences and engaging subject specialists, the author unpacks real issues to achieve authentic leadership.

These two enlightening books are soon to be available on all e-commerce platforms, including Amazon and Flipkart.

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