Priti Nath, a dietitian from Faridabad, has improved many people’s lives by her healthy lifestyle

Priti Nath Dietician

Priti Nath, a dietitian from Faridabad, has improved many people’s lives by her healthy lifestyle

Priti Nath Dietician
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Priti Nath is a renowned dietitian and health expert based in Faridabad. She holds a Master of Science degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management (DFSM) along with a Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE).

Currently, Priti Nath is associated with Shivalik Hospital, where she provides personalized diet plans and guidance to patients aiming to improve their health through dietary management. Her experience and expertise lies in creating differential dietary solutions based on individual’s preferences, allergies, cooking styles and cultural beliefs.

Apart from being a health expert, Priti Nath has also pursued her passion for acting in the past by working in the Bollywood film industry. This blend of career paths has given her a beautiful amalgamation of diverse experiences that help her in relating to people from all walks of life.Throughout her career, Priti Nath has been committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle as an essential aspect of well-being. Her passion, dedication and knowledge are profound, which makes her an ardent advocate in her field, inspiring people to make healthy choices and live their best lives.

In conversation with Priti Nath, she expressed her experience with questions answers slot.

What was special in your born & bought up life?

I was born in Bareilly, UP and brought up in different parts of UP. I have learned so many things from my family and environment. I learned discipline & planning from my father; patience & adjustment from my mother, being courageous & to face challenges from my brother. Socializing skills & reserved attitude from the environment.

Your family & friends aspect in life in terms of support?

I am little shy and reserved but at the same time I am hard working and bold in taking decisions. My family and friends helped me in realizing my attributes and also guided me to use them appropriately.

What is your favorite career moment?

My journey till now has been a roller coaster ride with many ups and down. There was one moment when my career graph was going up and up. I enjoyed that time.

What are your thoughts on work/personal life balance?

Ahh, it is a difficult question for females. For me it was very difficult task. Professionaly I was sitting ideal at certain point of time focusing on family. I feel this moment comes in every women’s life. Its very difficult to cross this phase smoothly especially in absence of any support system and most women have to sacrifice a lot professionally to manage few important year of family life. Main thing is how soon you can learn to start balancing both and make a comeback.

How do you stay creative and innovative?

I have the habit to make myself busy and what else can be better for a professional to learn. I have the habit to learn new things be it related to my profession, personal life, or any other field I come across. Learning makes you both creative and innovative.

What are the most important lessons you have learned in life?

I believe learning is a continuous process. I have learned few important lessons of life.

  1. Learn to say no for the things you don’t want to do or anything with which you don’t agree.
  2. Adjustments, sacrifices are must but to a certain extent. Never forget about yourself while taking care of others.
  3. For girls, to be successful it’s important to be confident, independent and a good decision maker. It’s still men’s world and girls need to cross more hurdles as compared to men.

What advice would you give to someone who is at the beginning of their career?

  • Think and plan your long term goals.
  • If you want to be successful give your 100%. Be honest with your job but remain aware of your surroundings too.
  • For girls it’s important to consider post marriage life while planning career.

How have you dealt with failures or disappointments?

Many a times we fail and/or get disappointed. It’s ok to fail, we can not always get success. Its important to learn from your failures so as to improve. They make you strong.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you have made in life?

Sometimes you take decisions considering your present circumstances which at later point of time can become your mistakes or regrets. My biggest mistake/regret was one such decision taken in the past.

How have you learned from negative people?

Leave the company (if possible) or ignore such people. They are contiguous and can harm your mental and physical health. You deserve to be happy.

How have you dealt with stress or conflict in your profession?

Hmm, initially I made mistakes but with the time I learned to deal with them. Ignore or take a pause, think and react (if required). I am blessed as there in very less chances of stress or conflicts in my current job.

What are the most important skills or traits for success in your industry?

To keep yourself updated with the latest researchers or changes taking place and practice them.

Problem solving, critical thinking, team work, good communication and interpersonal skill.

What are some of the biggest challenges facing your industry today?

Little awareness regarding diet and nutrition in common man in India and also its seen people are not willing to learn specially when they have to shell out money for this. They are happy with the concepts they know. It’s very important to follow proper guidelines to be healthy. In our society people are ready to take medicines but not ready to adopt healthy habits to prevent diseases.

In addition to this, less salary, huge competition and exploitation are the challenges.

How have you dealt with discrimination or sexism in your field?

From the very starting I have worked in female dominated industry so can’t really comment on it.

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