On Mother’s Day, Violeta Martin (Mrs. Latina Global Beauty Queen, Singer, and Author) said, “Bless me, my mother.”

Violeta Martin

On Mother’s Day, Violeta Martin (Mrs. Latina Global Beauty Queen, Singer, and Author) said, “Bless me, my mother.”

Violeta Martin
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Before having a child, a woman has no idea what it means to love. After nine months of anticipation, holding that baby for the first time creates a relationship of unfathomable love. It’s been stated that a woman’s children are her biggest and real love. When a woman becomes a mother, she experiences an inward metamorphosis; she ceases to be a sensitive person and instead becomes a guardian, and if needed, a fighter.

It’s true that she would starve to death and devote her life for her kids. The blessing of a mother has a special power; she can protect your children with prayers, which have the power to heal, protect, and give you favour and grace. If the mother is a daughter of God, she is even more powerful. A mother who prays for her children possesses the strength of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).

Mothers are responsible for giving birth and raising their children; God has given them these abilities. I was taught to ask my parents and grandparents for their blessing from a very young age. I gave my grandfather’s hand a respectful kiss. I grew up witnessing how children were blessed in both happy and terrible times, and Grandma’s blessing held great power. It was utilised for important events.

My mother and grandmother always encouraged us to have faith in God because they knew he had a perfect plan. They claimed that if we fast and pray, God will provide the miracle. And thus it came to pass that following the revelation of the miracles’ secret formula, when God’s will was carried out rather than their own, they were able to honour and accept that choice. Their faith could overcome a complete battalion because it was unwavering.

The accounts of Miracle after Miracle and the tales of the wayward kids were both astounding. The tale of the daughter who spoke back to her mother and complained, and the ground opening up and devouring her, was one of the stories that affected me the most. We were aware that confronting our parents would result in a heavenly retribution.

There were numerous accounts of misbehaving kids and their outcomes, as well as tales of well-behaved kids who understood how to love their moms and were therefore granted a life of plenty and serenity by God. The Bible states in the fourth commandment, “Honour your father and mother and you will have a long and very happy life” (Ex 20; Dt 5,16; Eph 6 1-3). This is especially true for a mother who gives her everything for her children and loves them more than she loves herself.

“The Blessing and Protection of the Blood of Christ” is a blessing that has to be framed and kept in the living room of the home so that we can use it with our kids every day. It bestows upon the recipient a shield of protection. When I first heard it, I was overcome with excitement because every syllable had strength and the anointing of Heaven, creating an imperceptible shield.

“The Protection and Blessing of Christ’s Blood.”
– May the heavenly blood of Christ descend and become dissolved in your flesh.
– You are protected by the Blood of Christ from every evil and peril.
– I pray that the Father would shield you from harm and death.
– Additionally, it releases you from captivity and vanquishes all of your adversaries.
– May the strength of your faith and the power of God be worth it.
– Amen. I bless you and ward you off with Christ’s blood.

On this year Mother’s Day, I want to wish all mothers a blessed day, May your children be your joy and blessings from heaven.

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