Nominations have commenced for the prestigious LOSD Excellence Awards.

Nominations have commenced for the prestigious LOSD Excellence Awards.

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LOSD acknowledges the valuable efforts and contributions that thousands of individuals and organizations are putting in for societal development. The company is all set to honor these outstanding contributors to our nation via an annual award ceremony, which is to be held in December 2023 in London, United Kingdom.

LOSD Excellence Awards is an initiative to honor individuals and organizations worldwide that have contributed to societal betterment.

There are opportunities for individuals to nominate others and themselves in various categories.

Choose among one of the following categories:

  • Best Educator of the Year
  • Best Organisation of the Year
  • Best Training Provider of the Year
  • LOSD champion/Contribution to the Sector
  • Best Speak of the Year
  • Best Humanitarian
  • Best Coach of the Year
  • Best Philanthropist of the Year
  • Best Mentor of the Year
  • Most Contributions to their field
  • International Achiever Award
  • Women Empowerment Award
  • Most Inspiring Person Award
  • Best Motivational Speaker of the Year
  • Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Best Academician 
  • Best Professor of the Year
  • Best Principle of the Year
  • Best Public Figure
  • Best Global Academician

For more information, visit or email – Hurry up, Nominations have begun!

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