Dr. Dame Munni Irone Honored with the VIP Latin Award 2024

Dr. Dame Munni Irone Honored with the VIP Latin Award 2024

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Dame Dr. Munni Irone, an eminent figure based in Beverly Hills, is recognized globally as a beacon of peace, a seasoned author, celebrity coach, humanitarian, human rights advocate, and spiritual guide. Her unwavering dedication to fostering peace and prosperity resonates both locally and internationally, defining her as a pivotal force in the pursuit of global harmony.

Among her notable contributions, she has established multiple organizations, each dedicated to advancing various facets of peace-building. Notably, in 2015, she founded Art4PeaceAwards, a non-profit foundation aimed at honoring individuals spearheading endeavors for peace worldwide. Art4PeaceAwards stands as a testament to her vision, celebrating the extraordinary efforts of individuals across seven distinct categories: music, dance, cinema, culinary arts, martial arts, painting arts, and royalty. Through this platform, Dame Dr. Munni Irone champions the essence of cultural pride, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation among diverse communities.

In a recent highlight, Dame Dr. Munni Irone’s illustrious journey was further adorned with the prestigious VIP Latin Award 2024. This latest accolade underscores her enduring commitment to promoting peace and unity on a global scale, reaffirming her status as a luminary figure in the realms of humanitarianism and advocacy.

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