Punjab’s ‘Kulhad Pizza’ Couple Alleges “Political Pressure” To Settle Row Over Viral Video

Punjab’s ‘Kulhad Pizza’ Couple Alleges “Political Pressure” To Settle Row Over Viral Video

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A Punjabi couple who gained notoriety for selling ‘kulhad pizza’ today claimed they were under political pressure to resolve a dispute over a contentious video purportedly showing them in an intimate setting. The Jalandhar couple who ran “Kulhad Pizza” became well-known for presenting their pizza in earthen cups.

Owner of a food cart Sehaj Arora said that his recently-pregnant wife is experiencing “depression” and asked their followers for help.

I’m making an appeal to the public and the media because I lack the courage to keep doing interviews and making films. Don’t damage our reputation by making fictitious claims without supporting documentation, he urged on Facebook and Instagram.

“Political pressure is forcing us to resolve this, so we must. When we denied, statements were made against us. I have every piece of proof. We receive no political backing. We need your help to halt these online films and obtain justice,” he continued.

Early in the month, the worried video that allegedly showed them in a vulnerable position went viral. Mr. Arora described it as “fake” and reported it to the police.

He said that someone had provided them the “fake” video on Instagram and demanded money in a video taken last week in front of a police station. He claimed that when he refused to pay them, the video was posted online.

On Friday, he posted a new video in which he discussed the difficulties that the incident had for him and his wife. Additionally, he stated that the person who blackmailed them had been detained.

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