For me, Eid is all about relishing biryani and sheer khurma: Tarannum Pathan

For me, Eid is all about relishing biryani and sheer khurma: Tarannum Pathan

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The first Gujarati woman cricketer chosen for a national camp after the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) took over management of women’s cricket, all-rounder Tarannum Pathan, excitedly anticipates Eid each year. She maintains a rigorous diet throughout the year since she plays professional cricket, but on this day, she enjoys indulging in handmade treats. quotes from a conversation.

‘My mother and bhabhi prepare awesome chicken biryani at home on Eid’

Ramadan has been wonderful for us overall, however, I was a little disappointed because there had been a theft at our house a few days prior. I enjoy every aspect of this time of year, from waking up at four in the morning to having iftar with my family. For me, the celebration is all about savoring the delicious chicken biryani and sheer khurma that my mum and bhabhi make for Eid. We had subdued Eid festivities during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it feels amazing to be able to celebrate Eid the way we want to now.

Additionally, for the past few years, my close friends from the Baroda women’s cricket team have been participating in the festivities with me, which makes them much more enjoyable. I have wonderful memories of my childhood Eid festivities. My granddad cherished eating at a table while perched on a stool. That was a privilege for us back then, and I would eat my food the same way as him!

‘The festival is also about helping the needy and spreading positivity’

We endeavour to aid the less fortunate throughout Ramadan and Eid. The festival is after all about supporting them and fostering positivism. Our financial situation wasn’t terrific when we were kids. We didn’t have an electricity connection at home at the time; it was baarish mein ghar ke andar paani that was the problem. On Eid, we were unable to assist others even if we wanted to. We still recall excitedly awaiting the elders’ Eidi gifts outside the mosque. We give money to the poor now that everything is much better, and that makes me feel wonderful.

On Eid, I truly miss my father, who used to spoil us (she lost her father Nasir Khan Pathan to cancer in December 2020). When we were little, our father used to celebrate 50 Easters. My brother, jiju, and others now give me Eid and new clothes. On this day, I love wearing brand-new clothes, so I typically get them online. Sponsors bhi naye kapde bhej dete hain abhi toh. We are thankful that our financial situation has much improved today, and on Eid, we always show our gratitude to Allah and to all the amazing people who have supported us throughout our difficult times.

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