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With the recovery of two more bodies from the ruins of a temple, the death toll in the state of Himachal Pradesh that has been destroyed by rain increases to 74

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August 18, 2023
Himachal Pradesh Rain News Live Updates: Govt to declare heavy rains as state calamity, says CM

Authorities claim that the rain has caused 74 deaths in Himachal Pradesh, and on August 17 another body was found among the rubble of a Shiva temple. Significant landslides in Shimla, including those that damaged the Summer Hill Shiva temple, Fagli, and Krishnanagar, were responsible for 21 of these fatalities. There have been worries about eight persons who might still be interred beneath the section of the temple that has been destroyed.

According to Sanjeev Kumar Gandhi, the superintendent of police, P. L. Sharma’s body was discovered on August 16 in the Summer Hill landslip close to Shimla. Sharma was the chairman of the mathematics department at Himachal Pradesh University. Two further rain-related deaths—one from a person falling from a height and the other from drowning—were recorded in the Chamba district, bringing the four-day death toll to 74, according to the state emergency management centre.

Several locations have experienced less precipitation over the past three days after suffering heavy downpours. Since the beginning of the monsoon on June 24, 217 people have disappeared in Himachal Pradesh as a result of rain-related events.

The Shimla landslip sites are still under construction. Rescue efforts have been carried out by the Indian Army, Air Force, and other personnel, saving 309 people from flood-affected villages in Fatehpur in the Kangra district and Pong Dam in Indora. A total of 2,074 people have been rescued during the past three days.The chief minister, Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, travelled to flood-affected districts to assure residents of the government’s unwavering support. Onkar Chand Sharma, principal secretary for revenue, claims that the monsoon season’s losses have exceeded 7,500 crore.

Due to the devastation, Shimla City’s schools were closed on Thursday. There are still obstructions on 875 roads, 285 water supply systems, and 1135 transformers. Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu estimates that it could take a year to rebuild the infrastructure, which was severely destroyed by the heavy rain. He estimated that the two most recent occurrences of heavy rain resulted in losses of almost Rs. 10,000 crore. The administration hopes to expedite the restoration process and finish rebuilding the infrastructure in one year.

According to Minister of Public Works Vikramaditya Singh, the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana has received $2,643 crore from the federal government for current fiscal year, which would be utilised to upgrade 254 rural roads. In order to accelerate the relief effort, the state government has loosened limitations on accessing the MLA local area development money. Now, MLAs are allowed to budget 2.10 crore annually for projects like constructing retaining walls and rerouting nullahs.