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Events of 1st August

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August 02, 2023
At this day

Events that took place in 1st August-


Ahmed H. Zewail, a chemist who in 1999 became the first Arab and Egyptian to win a Nobel Prize in a scientific field (chemistry), passed away at the age of 70.


William S. Burroughs, an American author who gained a following among writers of the Beat generation for his sexual obsceneness and candour in describing his experiences as a drug addict, passed away at the age of 83.


A Japanese destroyer sank PT-109, a U.S. Navy torpedo boat commanded by John F. Kennedy, during World War II.


As he presided over an international conference in New York City, Marcus Garvey, a Black leader and the founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, attained the pinnacle of his influence.


Frontiersman, marksman, gambler, and American West legend Wild Bill Hickok was assassinated in the town of Deadwood in what is now South Dakota.


Because he was powerless to stop the July Revolution, Charles X of France abdicated his kingdom.