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Mozilla stops Firefox fullscreen VPN ads after user outrage

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May 27, 2023
Switched it to true, fixed it. It worked before & dont know what caused it to reset to false except maybe one of the many ff updates? Thanks for the reply.

When visiting to an unrelated page, Firefox users have been complaining about extremely obtrusive full-screen advertising supporting Mozilla VPN appearing in the web browser.

The advertisements that keep appearing in Firefox render the web browser inoperable, preventing users from accessing the UI and rendering the entire background greyed out until they close the adverts.

On Reddit, some users claimed that the intrusive full-screen advertisements can make Firefox unresponsive for up to 30 seconds, requiring them to kill the browser’s process.

Firefox users expressed their annoyance at the aggressive marketing strategy used by a firm that ostensibly has a high respect for user choice and claims to embrace a people-first experience in addition to the intrusive nature of the commercial.

The promotion promotes Mozilla VPN, a commercial open-source VPN service that is a key source of income for the nonprofit organisation.

It is safe to assume that only users from these countries saw the overlay ads in Firefox since Mozilla VPN is only available in the following countries: the US, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

Mozilla disables the advertisements.

By filing several reports on Bugzilla, the Firefox user community instantly voiced its outrage at Mozilla’s overt product marketing strategy.

The “RESOLVED WORKSFORME” tag was applied to the most recent pertinent report on Mozilla’s bug tracking system, indicating that advertising function as intended and that there is nothing to repair.

After receiving numerous complaints from Firefox users, BleepingComputer contacted Mozilla about the issue and was given the following response:

Anyone who finds Mozilla VPN adverts offensive should open Firefox, type “about:config” in the address bar, and then alter the setting for browser.vpn_promo.enabled to false.

Alternatively, users may install an ad blocker like AdGuard, which some people reported that it was effective in blocking the pop-up.