On 1st August

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Events that took place on 1st Aug-


At the age of 82, Fahd, the monarch of Saudi Arabia from 1982 until his death, passed the throne to his half-brother, Abd Allah.


First in his wildly successful fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, American novelist George R.R. Martin released A Game of Thrones.


With the premiere of the Buggles’ music video for “Video Killed the Radio Star,” the cable television network MTV made its debut.


Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party tried to show that the “Aryan race” was better, but their efforts were thwarted by the success of African American athletes, especially Jesse Owens. The Summer Olympics began in Berlin.


Colorado, the 38th state to join the union, was admitted.

10 BCE

Lugdunum, Gaul (today’s Lyon, France), was the birthplace of Roman Emperor Claudius I, who established Roman power in North Africa and made Britain a province.

By Nishtha Dhoundiyal

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