Elon Musk says China is “definitely interested” in an international AI framework.

Elon Musk says China is “definitely interested” in an international AI framework.

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According to conversations he had when visiting China a few weeks ago, billionaire Elon Musk stated on Wednesday that he believes China is interested in a cooperative international framework on artificial intelligence.
Musk made the comments at a Twitter Space event alongside Republican Mike Gallagher and Democrat Ro Khanna, both members of the US Congress.

China is undoubtedly interested in participating in an international framework for cooperation on AI regulation, according to Musk. He continued by saying that he has argued in favour of artificial intelligence monitoring and controls, particularly during talks in China.

After debating for months about AI’s potential for “civilization destruction,” Musk finally unveiled his long-teased artificial intelligence business, xAI, on the same day that he made the comments.

A few weeks ago, Musk visited China, where his Shanghai-based Tesla electric car firm has a manufacturing, and he met in Beijing with the country’s foreign, trade, and industry ministers. He also had a meeting with Ding Xuexiang, vice premier of China.

Musk stated last month that the Chinese government would try to start artificial intelligence rules in China after meeting with officials during his visit there.

Many governments are thinking about how to lessen the risks associated with the new technology, which has seen a surge in consumer interest and investment since the publication of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Global regulators have been rushing to develop regulations for the use of generative AI, whose influence has been compared to that of the internet and which can generate text and images.

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