Trinamool demands that the PM open the Manipur debate and accuses the BJP of stalling the legislature.

Trinamool demands that the PM open the Manipur debate and accuses the BJP of stalling the legislature.

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Derek O’Brien claims that the BJP is impeding the legislative process and has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to start a discussion on the Manipur issue in either the Rajya Sabha or the Lok Sabha.

Since the start of the Monsoon session on July 20 due to protests by opposition parties against the situation in ethnically violent Manipur and a May 4 video showing two women being paraded in the state naked, proceedings in both Houses of Parliament have been halted.

“The BJP is holding up #Parliament, not other parties. Let’s begin the Manipur debate on Monday at precisely 11 a.m. The PM should choose where to OPEN THE DISCUSSION. His decision. Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha. Of course, everyone will take part at that point, Mr. O’Brien, the TMC’s Rajya Sabha leader, tweeted.

The government has promised to start a conversation on the matter, despite opposition parties’ demands that the prime minister address the topic in Parliament.

Rajnath Singh, the defence minister, stated in the Lok Sabha on Friday that the administration was prepared for a discussion on the subject. Prime Minister Modi must make a statement, then there must be a debate, the opposition MPs demanded.

The BJP said on Thursday that the opposition interfered with Parliamentary business and prevented a debate on Manipur from taking place, despite the fact that the government was prepared for one. After the May 4 video, which showed two women from one of the warring factions being paraded naked by a group of men from the opposing side, appeared on Wednesday, tension increased in the hills of Manipur.

According to official sources in Imphal, four persons have been detained in connection with the event. The 26-second video, which documents the two tribal women’s plight a day after ethnic violence erupted in the northeastern state on May 3, sparked indignation across the country.

The episode has embarrassed 140 crore Indians, according to Prime Minister Modi, who spoke to media at the Parliament Complex before the start of the Monsoon session on Thursday. He also asserted that law will act with all of its power, and no guilty will be spared.

He urged all chief ministers to take the toughest possible action to protect women and further enhance the law and order system in their respective states.

When advocating for improving law and order and protecting women, PM Modi also referenced states like Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, which are both under Congress leadership. “I want to reassure the nation’s citizens that no one who is culpable will escape punishment. There is no forgiveness for what has been done to these daughters of Manipur, he declared.

PM Modi responded to accusations from opposition parties for being silent about the ethnic violence in the northeastern state by telling reporters, “My heart is full of pain and anger.”

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