The accusation made by Rahul Gandhi that the Modi government “murdered India in Manipur” and that they are “traitors”

Rahul Gandhi's attack on the Modi administration as "traitors" and "murdered India in Manipur"

The accusation made by Rahul Gandhi that the Modi government “murdered India in Manipur” and that they are “traitors”

Rahul Gandhi's attack on the Modi administration as "traitors" and "murdered India in Manipur"
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Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, attacked the Modi government harshly during the Lok Sabha no-confidence vote, claiming that it had “divided” the violent Manipur state into two pieces and that its politics had “murdered India” there.

In his maiden speech in Parliament following his reinstatement as an MP, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the violence in Manipur and claimed that the government had “divided” the northeastern state into two pieces.

Rahul Gandhi stated that although he visited the conflict-torn state and spoke with women and children at relief camps, the prime minister had not. He was speaking in the Lok Sabha during the no-confidence motion debate on the Manipur issue.

When Rahul Gandhi spoke, the Prime Minister was not present in the chamber.

“I recently travelled to Manipur. Because Manipur is not part of India, our Prime Minister refused to go, even to this day, he stated.

In the current monsoon session of Parliament, where House operations have been often interrupted, the Manipur violence has become a prominent concern. In order to get Prime Minister Modi to address the violence in Manipur, the opposition moved a no-confidence resolution against the administration in the Lok Sabha. The no-confidence vote was put on the table by Congressman Gaurav Gogoi on Tuesday.

Since ethnic confrontations between the Meitei and Kuki clans erupted in the northeastern state, more than 160 people have perished.

Rahul Gandhi called the Modi administration “traitors,” said they weren’t “nationalists,” and claimed their politics “murdered India” in Manipur.

In Manipur, they slaughtered the Indians. They killed not only Manipur but also India. Though their politics did not kill Manipur, they did kill India in that state. In Manipur, they have slaughtered India, he claimed.

He compared Prime Minister Modi to “Raavan” and called him “arrogant” for ignoring the opinions of the populace.

Rahul Gandhi quoted the ancient Ramayana when he said, “Raavan’s hubris, not Lord Hanuman, set Lanka on fire. Ram did not kill Ravan; rather, his vanity did.

The Indian Army, according to Rahul Gandhi, can bring peace to Manipur in a day, but the government isn’t utilising their services, he claimed.

Several BJP members chanted slogans during Rahul Gandhi’s speech, cutting him off. Kiren Rijiju and Smriti Irani, two Union Ministers, retaliated against the Congress politician and demanded an apology for his comments on Manipur.


Rahul Gandhi’s address was sharply rebutted by Smriti Irani, who used the ‘Quit India’ remark.

India is not corrupt, so you are not India. India favours individual merit over monarchy. People like you need to keep in mind that the British were instructed to leave India today more than any other day. Corruption and Dynasty both left India. Now, merit has a home in India,” remarked Irani.

Irani’s comments happened to be made on the day when the nation commemorated the anniversary of the Quit India campaign, a significant turning point in the history of India’s fight for independence from British domination.


Rahul Gandhi thanked Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla for restoring him to the House of Representatives earlier in his remarks. The Supreme Court temporarily halted the Congress leader’s conviction in the 2019 Modi surname case, allowing him to regain his parliamentary membership.

He added that he will refrain from commenting on the Adani situation and urged his “BJP friends” not to be alarmed.

“Speaker Sir, first of all, let me express my gratitude for restoring my membership in the Lok Sabha as an MP. The last time I spoke, I may have upset you by focusing on Adani; perhaps your senior leader was distressed.You might have been affected by that agony as well. You have my apology for that. But I said the truth,” the leader of the Congress replied.

“Today, my friends in the BJP need not be scared because my speech today is not on Adani,” he added.

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