Nitish Kumar’s security gets breached by a stunt bike, and he moves out of the way.

Nitish Kumar’s security gets breached by a stunt bike, and he moves out of the way.

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The Chief Minister is not exempt from Patna’s swerving bikers.This morning, while Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar, was out for a walk, a speeding motorbike abruptly broke through the security perimeter. The Chief Minister avoided harm by finding a way to move out of the biker’s path.

Since the officers guarding the Chief Minister must have stopped the motorcycle before he approached him, the incident is also being considered as a severe breach in his security.After the incident, police arrested the rider. He’s being questioned right now.Following the incident, senior police and security officers have arrived at the Chief Minister’s residence.

The risky tricks that Patna’s stunt riders, many of whom are eager to shoot to social media fame, engage in put other vehicles and pedestrians in danger. A lot of them film their antics with the help of pals, upload the reels, and then share them.A wheelie and other tricks were performed by two girls on Atal Path in a video that went viral in April. They were all not wearing helmets, which prompted social media users to demand that the city’s traffic laws be enforced more strictly.

Last month, a another video from the Bihar capital appeared. This depicted two men on a rapid motorbike; while the bike continued to travel down the road, one of the men got up and stood on the seat. This video also raised worries about driving safety.

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