Class 10 Student Becomes Assam’s Sivasagar District Commissioner For A Day

Class 10 Student Becomes Assam’s Sivasagar District Commissioner For A Day

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A Class 10 student from a far-off tea garden earned the honour of serving as the Sivasagar District Commissioner for a day for the first time in Assam.
District Commissioner Aditya Vikram Yadav chose Bhagyadeep Rajgarh of Bokota Nemuguri Deuriting Tea Garden for a programme, brought him here from his home, and invited him to the District Development Committee (DDC) meeting on Monday.

Bhagyadeep Rajgarh, a 16-year-old student at Bokota Borbam High School, was chosen for the “Arohan” programme, an initiative to find talented students from far-flung, impoverished families, Mr. Yadav told reporters. The program’s goal is to mentor and monitor these students’ academic careers.

He stated, “We want to inspire students to strive and work hard so they can enrol in professional programmes and have careers in a variety of disciplines, including doctors, engineers, and government servants.

Bhagyadeep Rajgarh is a gifted young man who, in spite of numerous challenges in life, is working arduously to reach perfection, according to Mr. Yadav.

“I am confident that choosing him to act as a district commissioner for a day will not only motivate him but also other students to pursue their studies,” stated the DC.

According to Bhagyadeep Rajgarh, he aspires to work as an administrative officer.

I am very appreciative of this opportunity to serve as a district commissioner for a day since it allowed me to quickly become familiar with how the various departments operate, he added.

He expressed his gratitude to the District Commissioner, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, and all of his teachers for assisting him in achieving this position.

The DDC conference covered in depth how several departments, including agriculture, business, industry, and commerce, veterinary medicine, animal husbandry, education, health care, public works, water resources, social welfare, and power, are implementing their varied programmes.

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