Arvind Kejriwal Seeks Regular Bail In Delhi Liquor Policy Case

Arvind Kejriwal Seeks Regular Bail In Delhi Liquor Policy Case

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has filed a regular bail plea before a court in New Delhi, which is slated to hear it at 2 pm today, in connection with a money laundering case related to the alleged excise policy scam.

Mr Kejriwal was ordered to be released on interim bail till June 1 by the Supreme Court in view of the ongoing general elections.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court registry had refused to accept the application moved by him seeking a seven-day extension of interim bail to undergo medical examinations, including a PET-CT scan.

According to the Supreme Court registry, the main petition is unrelated to the application for a seven-day extension, and the top court has already reserved its decision in the matter.

It further stated that the application is not maintainable because the Supreme Court had permitted him to petition the trial court for regular bail.

Chief Minister Kejriwal’s health has reportedly gotten worse since his arrest in connection with the alleged Delhi excise scam, according to the Aam Aadmi Party.

The party has said that he has lost 7 kg in weight after his arrest and his Ketone levels are also very high indicating a serious medical disorder.

The party has added that the Chief Minister had to undergo medical testing, and that this took seven days.

Previously, on June 2, the Supreme Court had ordered him to return to Tihar Jail.

In the excise policy case, Chief Minister Kejriwal filed a petition contesting his arrest and subsequent remand by the federal anti-money laundering agency. On May 17, the top court postponed rendering a decision in this matter.

It stated that even though the highest court had reserved judgment in the case, he could still petition the trial court for regular bail.

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