Amidst Panchayat Election Violence, a BJP Leader was discovered dead in West Bengal.

Amidst Panchayat Election Violence, a BJP Leader was discovered dead in West Bengal.

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The body of BJP leader Bankim Hansda was found on Monday by West Bengal Police in the Bodo region of the state’s Purulia district.

According to BJP District President Vivek Ranga, on Monday, “the police recovered the dead body of a BJP leader named Bankim Hansda, president of the BJP booth committee, from the Jodgoda area.”

The case investigation is ongoing in the interim.

“Police located the body of BJP leader Bankim Hansda in Purulia district’s Bodo neighbourhood. The matter is still under investigation, according to Abhijeet Bandopadhyay, DSP for Purulia.

The governor of West Bengal, CV Ananda Bose, denounced the escalating violence in the Panchayat elections on Monday, calling it “politics of murder,” “intimidation,” and “muscle flexing.”West Bengal Governor CV Ananda Bose has been touring a number of locations where conflict had previously erupted in the state.

“I am persuaded that there is violence in several areas of West Bengal after visiting the area. What is known as the politics of murder, the politics of intimidation, and the politics of muscle flexing are in evidence, he claimed.

A “fact-finding mission” rather than a “fault-finding mission” should be understood, according to Governor CV Ananda Bose, who made this statement.There have been a number of violent occurrences in West Bengal both before and during the nomination period for the panchayat elections, including one where it is suspected that homemade bombs were thrown at a Block Development Office (BDO) in Ahmadpur, in the Birbhum district.

In the Malda district, it is also claimed that a TMC employee was killed by beatings. Vote counting for the panchayat elections is set on July 11 and will take place in a single phase.

The BJP and the TMC, which control local governments, are expected to engage in a fierce power struggle in the elections, which will serve as a litmus test for both parties before the Lok Sabha elections next year.

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