“1 Out Of 7 iPhones In The World Manufactured In India”: PM Modi To NDTV

“1 Out Of 7 iPhones In The World Manufactured In India”: PM Modi To NDTV

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In an exclusive interview with NDTV, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that Apple has expanded iPhone production in India, with the country currently producing one in every seven iPhones worldwide. He added that India is currently the world’s second-largest producer of mobile phones.

“We were importer of mobile phones. Today we are the second largest manufacturer of mobile phones and we are exporting iPhones today. One out of seven iPhones in the world is now being manufactured in India,” said the Prime Minister.

“We are also exporting a record number of the Apple product which is a stellar example of the production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme’s success,” he added.

By 2028, about 25% of all iPhones will be produced in India. The manufacturer of iPhones saw record-breaking first-quarter shipments in India, up 19% (year over year). Additionally, Apple is attempting to reduce its reliance on China by expanding its ecosystems and creating a network of regional suppliers.

Over the course of the next two to three years, India is projected by Apple to grow at a double-digit rate, making it the company’s third-largest market. This growth was observed in the January-March quarter.

Approximately 10 million iPhones were shipped by Apple to India last year, making up 7% of the company’s total market share.

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