MAAC Revolutionizes Animation and VFX Courses with Technological Advancements

MAAC Revolutionizes Animation and VFX Courses with Technological Advancements

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MAAC, a premiere institute and a pioneer in high-end 3D animation Gaming & VFX training, has recently unveiled a significant overhaul to five of its flagship courses, integrating cutting-edge technology upgrades and incorporating essential software and techniques. The revamped courses include IPVAD, AD3D Edge, DGWA, VFX plus, and ADVFX, each tailored to meet the evolving demands of the industry. Recognizing the growing need for skilled professionals in emerging fields, MAAC has also introduced two new courses: 3D and Realtime Design Plus, and UI & UX program, aligning with contemporary industry trends. Notably, most of these programs are GEN AI-enabled, offering advanced learning experiences* (*applicable to select courses), ensuring students are equipped with the latest tools and expertise to excel in their chosen fields.

MAAC launches AI Powered Courses

AIs integration into the animation & VFX industry has been a gradual yet transformative process. The recent trends are seen where established softwares are becoming smarter in its workflows by giving users multiple AI Enabled features. These tools offer significant time and efficiency savings for creative professionals, traditionally burdened with labour-intensive tasks. However, its important to note that AI currently serves as an assistant rather than a replacement for creative artists. While AI can handle repetitive tasks and suggest design elements, it lacks the nuanced understanding and creative vision inherent in human animators. However, what is important that advancements in AI hold a promise for more sophisticated procedural content creation process, potentially leading to new avenues of exploration such as 3D animation, visual effects and immersive design.

Staying ahead of the curve and relevant to the current demands from the industry, MAAC’s courses have also undergone a transformative upgrade with the integration of essential software tools. From GEN AI enabled graphic design platforms like Canva, Photogrammetry, Substance 3D Stager and Adobe Express to innovative tools like Storyboarder for creative visualization, students are equipped with industry-relevant skills. Advanced software such as Marvelous Designer and Photogrammetry enhance 3D modeling capabilities, while Adobe Substance 3D Stager and tools like Katana and Redshift cater to the growing demand of photo realistic visuals.

From pre-visualization tools to concept art creation and assistive intelligence,GEN AI empowers students to explore new creative horizons and streamline their workflows. By embracing GEN AI, MAAC ensures that its students are not only equipped with the latest industry-standard skills but also prepared to lead the charge in innovation within the animation, VFX and digital design industry.

As emerging fields such as real time design, UI/UX along with growing adoption of experiential design in various industries takes centre stage, MAAC has taken proactive steps to ensure its course offerings remain relevant. The introduction of the 3D and Realtime Design Plus and UI & UX program reflects MAACs commitment to staying abreast of industry trends and equipping students with the expertise needed to thrive in these burgeoning sectors.

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