Konkona Sen Sharma Joins the P&G Shiksha Movement to #StandUpForLearningGap in a Child’s Education

Konkona Sen Sharma Joins the P&G Shiksha Movement to #StandUpForLearningGap in a Child’s Education

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P&G Shiksha launches a nationwide movement to spotlight the learning gaps, through a power-packed panel

Since its launch in 2005, P&G Shiksha has continued to make holistic educational interventions, impacting over 45 lakh children across the country.

P&G Shiksha, the flagship CSR program of P&G India launched its new campaign – #StandUpForLearningGaps, to spotlight the issue of learning gaps in children, which affects over 6 crore children in the country as per National Achievement Survey 2021. While access to education has improved significantly, ensuring quality learning outcomes remains a challenge. A thought-provoking panel discussion highlighted the impact of these learning gaps on children who perpetually keep trying to cope, and often face mockery or ridicule owing to lack of public understanding on learning gaps.

(L-R): Rahul Dua, Stand-up Comic and Konkona Sen Sharma, Indian Actress and Filmmaker

The engaging panel discussion centred around the theme #StandUpForLearningGap, moderated by Priyanka Khanna, Author and Former Journalist, brought together a diverse group of speakers: Konkona Sen Sharma, two-time National Award-Winning Actress / Indian Actress and Filmmaker, Abhishek Desai, Vice President – Brand Operation and Category Leader – Grooming, P&G India and Rahul Dua, Stand-up Comic. The panellists discussed the challenges faced by children with learning gaps through their own experiences while growing up, as well as the importance of collaboration between educators, parents, and the community to create a supportive learning environment for all children in India. Konkana and Rahul also took a test to determine their own learning levels, spotlighting the need to focus on conceptual understanding and building a strong foundation. At the event, P&G Shiksha unveiled its new campaign film – a first-of-its-kind that uses relatable humour and a stand-up sequence to engage audiences, prompting them to take notice of learning gaps and stand up for the cause.

(L-R): Konkona Sen Sharma, Indian Actress and Filmmaker; Rahul Dua, Stand-up Comic; Abhishek Desai, Vice President – Brand Operation and Category Leader – Grooming, P&G India along with Priyanka Khanna, Author and Former Journalist

The film takes a leaf from memes flooding the internet recently where – children are seen struggling to respond or being mocked if they give a wrong answer to a question. In fact, as per a Forbes report, a recent video of a child incorrectly answering to a journalist was one among the top 10 most searched memes in 2023 in India. However, this laughter often masks a more serious issue: a lack of understanding that hinders a child’s academic progress. When faced with a question they don’t understand, they might struggle or be made fun of if they give the wrong answer. Therefore, this year, P&G Shiksha is recreating a life-like situation through the campaign, where it leverages humor to engage the audience, helping them take a pause to realize the issue of learning gaps. One’s entertainment, can be other’s crisis! With a completely fresh outlook, the campaign “Stand Up for Learning Gap” aims to address this problem and urge collective action.

Speaking on the occasion, Actor Konkona Sen Sharma remarked, “I truly believe education is essential for unlocking a childs full potential. Through my association with P&G Shiksha, I’ve become acutely aware of the learning gaps that affect many children who fall behind expected learning levels. Children who may not know the right responses, may face mockery or ridicule. When I first saw the film, the question stayed with me for a while – Would you laugh if it was your child Its encouraging to see that P&G Shiksha is not only driving awareness about these gaps, but also working to bridge them with effective interventions. Awareness is the first step towards action, and I am glad to be part of this journey with P&G Shiksha. Together, we can create an environment where every child is encouraged to reach their full potential through holistic education. Together, lets #StandUpForLearningGap.”

Speaking about the new film, Abhishek Desai, Vice President – Brand Operation and Category Leader – Grooming, P&G India said, “For 19 years now, P&G Shiksha has championed access to education for millions of underprivileged children in India, impacting over 45 lakh children. We have reinforced this with our commitment to driving large-scale awareness regarding learning gaps, which impact over 6 crore children in India. These gaps can lead to frustration, a lack of understanding, and even ridicule. However, what often gets missed is the reason behind. By raising a pertinent question – “Would you laugh, if this happened with your child”we are seeking to educate parents, guardians, teachers and well-wishers on the existence and impact of learning gaps, while also empowering them to identify and take steps to bridge these. We can come together to #StandupForLearningGap. Timely action can unleash a child’s full potential in leveraging education as an enabler for a brighter future.”

P&G Indias flagship CSR program, P&G Shiksha, has been working to provide access to education to underprivileged children since 2005, impacting over 45 lakh children.

As part of this, to improve learning outcomes in children, P&G Shiksha leverages AI-backed technology with Mindspark, a computer-based adaptive learning tool, in partnership with Educational Initiatives. The program also implements on-ground remedial learning interventions in partnership with Pratham Education Foundation, using both community-based and in-school models supported by trained volunteers and teachers. Additionally, P&G Shiksha focuses on early childhood education through Pratham Education Foundation, developing motor, cognitive, social-emotional, language, and creative skills in children to prevent learning gaps, and laying a strong foundation as they begin school.

The film opens with a stand-up act by Comic Rahul Dua in which he showcases memes where children stumble on basic math questions. While laughter erupts amongst the audience, the mood shifts as Rahul shares his own childhood struggle with similar concepts. He highlights the plight of over 6 crore children who face learning gap leading to a moment of realisation and posing a powerful question “Would you laugh if it was your child” Further emphasizing the reality of learning gaps, the film then showcases P&G Shikshas on-ground interventions with NGOs to address these gaps and empowers viewers to act and #StandUpForLearningGap.

Watch the film here: www.youtube.com/watchv=IZ_p1zoOgxM

*Sources –

The National Achievement Survey of 2021 found nearly half of primary school students to have learning levels lower than appropriate for their grades. (Source: UNICEF, Education 4.0)

Census data shows roughly 13 crore children between the age of 5 to 9 years in 2011 censusindia.gov.in/census.website/data/data-visualizations/Age-Gender-Ratio_Pyramid-Chart

About P&G Shiksha

Launched in 2005, P&G Shiksha is P&G India’s flagship CSR initiative which focuses on providing holistic education for underprivileged children through a 360-degree educational intervention. Over time, P&G Shiksha has evolved into a holistic education program that aims to improve learning outcomes in children, strengthen educational infrastructure and empower marginalized girls through education. Over 19 years, the Program has been supporting thousands of schools and communities, impacting more than 45 lakh children.

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