Bisleri and TERI Launches a Pioneering Study on ‘Water Credits’ Poised to Transform Water Conservation Initiatives

Bisleri and TERI Launches a Pioneering Study on ‘Water Credits’ Poised to Transform Water Conservation Initiatives

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Bisleri International, Indias leading mineral water brand along with TERI School of Advanced Studies has launched an innovative study titled “Water Credits: Impact-Adjusted Virtual Water Footprint“. This collaborative effort sets a benchmark for the beverage industrys commitment to water conservation.

The study aims to establish a framework for water credits, akin to carbon credits, to promote sustainable water management. Unlike carbon emissions, water savings require a localized approach, factoring in variables such as rainfall and consumption at a watershed level.

Commenting on the significance of the study, Angelo George, Chief Executive Officer, Bisleri International, stated, “At Bisleri, we take immense pride in being a water-positive company, replenishing more water to the ground than we extract. By facilitating discussions and contributing to framework development, the study will drive the realization of water credits as a practical solution. We are grateful to Prof. Dr. Arun Kansal and Ms. Garima Kaushik of TERI School of Advanced Studies for developing a toolkit adaptable across industries to estimate the water footprint. This report underscores our shared commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.”

The study evaluates the overall water footprint of the beverage industry, offering a comprehensive understanding of water consumption across its entire value chain. The findings will be shared with the Government of India to facilitate meaningful discussions and framework development, advancing the concept of water credits to become a reality.

The establishment of water credits is crucial, particularly in light of Indias increasingly stressed water resources. Our unwavering dedication to promoting sustainable practices underscores our commitment to safeguarding our precious water resources for generations to come” he further concluded.

Last year, the Prime Minister launched Lifestyle for Environment’ (LiFE) initiative, aimed at fostering individual and community actions to preserve the environment, with rewards to be traded like carbon credits. Given Indias strained water resources, ‘water credit’ has been purposed as one of the key areas in the LiFE initiative, highlighting the significance of establishing water credits to alleviate pressure on Indias water resources.

Bisleri International remains committed to fostering sustainable practices and environmental conservation, leading the charge towards a greener, water-positive future.

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