Annapurna Group Celebrates Mother’s Day: Birth of a Mother; A Thought-Provoking Film

Annapurna Group Celebrates Mother’s Day: Birth of a Mother; A Thought-Provoking Film

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Annapurna Group, a pioneering FMCG firm with over 70 years of experience in delivering pure and delightful products, is coming out with a thoughtful film on this Mother’s Day. Titled Birth of a Mother, this cinematic masterpiece celebrates the essence of motherhood and pays tribute to the profound influence of mothers in our lives.

Annapurna believes purity is the source of great living

Our founding father, Late Gouranga Chandra Ghosh, a true visionary, started building up Annapurna from scratch in the year 1952,”shares Mr. Subir Ghosh, MD of Annapurna Group. “Today, it reigns as a leading household name in the entire Eastern India. With an experience of over 70 years, Annapurna Group has always believed in researching and developing a delightful selection of products – sourced in its purest forms.” Please click know more about Annapurna Group:

Motherhood stands as natures most immaculate offering, encapsulating the epitome of purity and grace. The connection shared with a mother transcends mere words; it is a beacon of authenticity, embodying the most genuine and profound connection one can encounter in a lifetime.

At Annapurna Group, the celebration of purity is deeply ingrained in their ethos. “Our aim – to deliver only the purest products to our consumers whose trust is paramount to our legacy,” affirms Ghosh. “Our purpose – to uphold your Right to Purity. Today and forever”.

Through this film, Annapurna Group aspire to inspire audiences to reflect on the purity of maternal love and the profound bond between mother and child. As Ghosh aptly stated, “Purity is the source of great living“. An appreciation is extended to Director Vinay Jaiswal and Mr. Subir Ghosh, MD of Annapurna Group, for laying the foundation of this film during their jam session. Vinay Jaiswals creativity and vision have shaped this film, portraying the purity of motherhood in a completely different perspective.

For further information and updates, stay tuned for the release of Birth of a Mother film.

About Annapurna Group

Annapurna Group is a renowned FMCG firm dedicated to delivering pure and delightful products to households across Eastern India. With a legacy of over 70 years, Annapurna Group is committed to upholding the Right to Purity and transforming kitchens into super kitchens.

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