“Took Extraordinary Effort To Crack Case”: Police On Shocking Ujjain Rape

“Took Extraordinary Effort To Crack Case”: Police On Shocking Ujjain Rape

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The main suspect in the shocking Ujjain rape case, Bharat Soni, an auto driver who allegedly picked up the 15-year-old survivor from the Ujjain railway station, sexually assaulted her, and left her half-naked, was arrested by the Madhya Pradesh police on Friday. The police said it took an extraordinary amount of work to solve the case, which involved questioning hundreds of people and reviewing footage from over 700 CCTV cameras.

“30–35 persons were working on a cyber investigation; they were awake nonstop for three–four days. He (the accused) attempted to flee as we approached the crime scene. Police officers pursued him and eventually nabbed him, a police inspector told NDTV.

The survivor boarded another auto at some point after the crime was committed, but Rakesh Malviya failed to notify the police despite her condition, which the police claim is a violation of the strict Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act. As a result, the Madhya Pradesh Police have also filed a case against Malviya.

Raju Soni, the father of the rape suspect, has demanded that his son receive the death penalty if found guilty.

“This is very wrong, he should be punished, what other punishment would there be other than death, I would have killed him,” he declared.

When questioned why they were not taking legal action against individuals who refused to assist the survivor as she traversed the streets of Ujjain for hours, knocking on doors and pleading for assistance, the police responded that they would.

“An auto driver who purposefully failed to notify the police has been disciplined. The video will be examined, and if any of these people are discovered—and it is obvious that if they did not cooperate and did not alert the police, we would take legal action against them—we will do so, according to Jayant Singh Rathore, additional superintendent of police in Ujjain.

The girl received blood donations from two police officers, who helped her live, and the officer who solved the case wants to adopt the child.

Jaipal Goyal, a police constable, stated, “We were on duty for the President’s visit. We stepped forward and reached the hospital to donate blood.

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