Today is predicted to see thunderstorms and severe gusts, so people are advised to take precautions.

Today is predicted to see thunderstorms and severe gusts, so people are advised to take precautions.

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Even though Delhi recorded a minimum temperature of 25.4°C on Wednesday and the air quality remained in the moderate category, a thunderstorm with gusty gusts up to 35-45 km per hour was forecast later in the day to deliver further relief from the hot and humid weather there.

Late on Tuesday, as the heat reached dangerously high levels due to heavy humidity, strong winds began to blow over the capital. Tuesday’s high in Delhi was 43.5°C, which is 0.2 degrees cooler than Monday’s high. But the temperature of the day didn’t change much. On Tuesday afternoon, the heat index was 49°C due to high humidity.

Since humidity reduces the cooling impact of perspiration, making it more difficult to cool down naturally, the heat index, often known as the “real feel” temperature, is a better indicator of how hot a person would actually feel.

On Wednesday, the temperature was predicted to rise to almost 38°C. In light of the inclement weather, IMD has issued a yellow advisory for Wednesday for Delhi and the surrounding areas.

It has been suggested that people avoid travelling during the storm and stay inside with their windows and doors closed. Additionally, it suggested unplugging any electrical or electronic gadgets and against finding cover under trees.

Storms are likely to be caused by a western disturbance over Iran and the surrounding area and a cyclonic circulation that is developing over Pakistan at lower tropospheric levels.

For the previous week, the capital’s high temperature has been around 44°C. Light to moderate rains and winds gusting to 50 km/h were predicted for Thursday.

The Safdarjung observatory, which gives the representative statistics for Delhi, recorded a maximum temperature of 43.5°C on Tuesday. Even warmer areas of the city existed. A high of 46.7°C was recorded at the weather station in Najafgarh, and a temperature of 46.2°C was recorded at the Sports Complex station (Akshardham).

Power consumption increased as a result of the hot and muggy weather, reaching a peak of 6,916 MW, which is the highest level so far this year and slightly higher than the peak of 6,532 MW on Monday.

The average Air Quality Index on Wednesday at 9 am was 170 as opposed to 198 (moderate) at 4 pm on Tuesday.

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