School Bus Drove 9 Km In Wrong Lane Of Motorway, Hit SUV, 6 Killed

School Bus Drove 9 Km In Wrong Lane Of Motorway, Hit SUV, 6 Killed

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Two more people were hurt and at least six people, including two children, were murdered today in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, when a school bus collided with an SUV.
When the bus struck the SUV head-on this morning on the Delhi-Meerut Motorway, police said it was going from the wrong direction.

The automobile, which was travelling to Gurgaon, was driven by all six of the victims who perished in the collision.

The bus driver has been taken into custody. The bus travelled on the wrong side of the motorway for around nine kilometres before colliding with the SUV, according to a traffic officer stationed nearby at the time of the collision. He declared, “The motorist is to blame for the collision.

“Six of the eight victims passed away, while two more were seriously hurt and sent to the hospital. Stringent laws are being invoked in the FIR and the driver has been arrested, according to Dehat Shubham Patel, deputy commissioner of police for Ghaziabad.

According to police, “the impact of the collision was so strong that the dead bodies were taken out after cutting the car doors.”

According to them, the injured have been taken into a hospital for treatment.

Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister, expressed his sorrow over the catastrophe and urged authorities to see to it that the injured were treated properly.

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