On the Ahmedabad Flyover, a car runs over a crowd, leaving 9 dead and 10 injured.

On the Ahmedabad Flyover, a car runs over a crowd, leaving 9 dead and 10 injured.

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On Thursday, a speeding automobile struck a crowd gathered at the scene of an accident on a bridge in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad city, leaving at least nine people dead and about ten more injured, according to authorities.

Among those slain in the tragedy were a policeman and a Home Guard jawan who arrived at the scene following the first collision involving two vehicles, they claimed.

The Jaguar car, which was travelling at a very high speed, crashed into a crowd that was gathering at the ISKCON bridge on the Sarkhej-Gandhinagar highway at around one in the morning, according to the police.

“A truck and a Thar (SUV) collided at the ISKCON Bridge on the SG Highway at around one in the morning. Local traffic police and a Home Guard jawan arrived at the scene to control traffic and deal with the issue after learning about the collision. A few onlookers also arrived at the scene out of curiosity to see what had transpired, according to inspector K. Y. Vyas of the Satellite police station.

“While they were on the bridge, a speeding Jaguar slammed into the throng, killing five people instantly and injuring four more who later passed away from their injuries. The victims included a jawan from the Home Guard and a constable. Nearly ten injured people were admitted to several hospitals, he said.

According to the official, Tathya Patel, the car’s driver, was also taken to a private hospital after suffering injuries.

Sources claim that the car’s driver was beaten by the onlookers, and someone on the bridge below recorded it on camera.

Neeta Desai, the deputy commissioner of police for traffic, stated that a FIR has been filed in this matter and that the police will do everything in their power to see that the relatives of the victims receive justice.

“In the disaster, nine individuals died and 10 to 11 people were hurt. It doesn’t seem like drunk driving was involved. However, our initial examination has shown that the Jaguar car was travelling at a very high pace. We will arrest (vehicle driver) Tathya Patel once physicians give the all-clear because he is receiving treatment, Desai said at the Sola Civil Hospital.

According to accounts, the majority of the victims and hurt children were from other cities and were staying here as paid guests.

They walked on the bridge out of curiosity after hearing about the first catastrophe. They said that the throng was run over by a speeding car that came from the side of the Karnavati Club.

When they arrived at the Sola Civil Hospital, the victims’ parents and other family members pleaded for the guilty to get the heaviest punishment possible.

Young people frequently congregate at the intersection beneath the ISKCON bridge at night to drink tea and eat snacks.

At the ISKCON crossroads, a large number of individuals who want to go to other towns and cities congregate in order to board buses or private vehicles.

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