Mobile Internet Services To Be Restored In Manipur From Today: Biren Singh

Mobile Internet Services To Be Restored In Manipur From Today: Biren Singh

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Mobile internet services, which were halted on May 3 when ethnic unrest broke out in the northeastern state of Manipur, will resume on Saturday, according to Chief Minister N Biren Singh.

He also demanded that the free movement policy, which permits residents of the region adjacent to the India-Myanmar border to enter the other country’s territory without a permit, be repealed.

Speaking at a press conference in this location, Mr. Singh stated, “On May 3, the government banned mobile internet connections to stop the dissemination of propaganda, false news, and hate speech. However, starting today, mobile internet services will be restored statewide as the situation improves. He asserted that the government will continue to deal with the influx of “illegal immigrants” and emphasised the requirement for full border fencing between India and Myanmar.

“The Union Home Ministry has taken steps to fence 60 km of the international border in Manipur,” he declared.

The Chief Minister asserted that the current state of affairs was not a direct result of any recent choice but rather the outcome of unintended initiatives of the past administrations.

“The Union Home Ministry has been asked by our government to revoke the free movement policy. The border has not been properly protected by security forces, as well. They were discovered defending the border 14–15 km inside Indian territory, not where they were supposed to be stationed.

The Chief Minister also sharply condemned cases of “rampant verbal abuse against MLAs, Ministers and police officials, which has diverted people from real issues and created conflict among ourselves” as well as the bandh culture.

“With the deployment of security forces in vulnerable areas over the last two months, the situation has improved and the frequency of firing incidents has decreased,” he stated.

According to Mr. Singh, a national survey revealed an increase in drug and substance usage among state youngsters, which was the impetus behind his administration’s decision to declare a “war on drugs” in 2018.

He declared, “This will continue, and it will be done more vehemently to destroy poppy plantations in the hills.”

According to Biren Singh, the number of extortion, kidnapping, and other crimes committed by criminals posing as police officers has skyrocketed.

“We have to stay focused on real issues in the state, namely dealing with influx of illegal immigrants, taking up welfare activities for internally displaced people, and fighting massive poppy cultivation,” he said.

“With the objective of establishing the rule of law in Churachandpur, Kangpokpi, Moreh, and Imphal, our government is taking up multiple initiatives,” Mr Singh added.

Since May 3, when a “Tribal Solidarity March” was held in the hill districts to protest against the majority Meitei community’s desire for Scheduled Tribe status, more than 175 people have been murdered and hundreds injured in ethnic violence in Manipur.

The Meiteis make up around 53% of Manipur’s population and are primarily concentrated in the Imphal valley, while the tribal population, which includes the Nagas and Kukis, makes up 40% and is mainly concentrated in the hill districts.

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