Gujarat Boy Killed In Monkey Attack, Officials Say Intestines Ripped Out

Gujarat Boy Killed In Monkey Attack, Officials Say Intestines Ripped Out

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A monkey viciously killed a ten-year-old boy by tearing into his stomach and tearing out his intestines. The incident happened on Tuesday in Gandhinagar, Gujarat’s Salki village, according to the police. The attack by the monkeys occurred close to a temple in Dehgam Taluka, the forest officials said. Dipak Thakor was the victim’s name as given by the police. The boy was brought to a nearby hospital, but sadly, he passed away before medical attention could be given to him.

Dipak was playing with his friends in the small village when he was terrorized by a renowned group of monkeys, according to police and forest officials.

The boy was then jumped upon by the apes, who then pierced his skin and dug their claws inside him.

“The assault tore out his intestine. He ran to his house and was taken to the hospital, where upon arrival the doctors pronounced him dead,” a news agency PTI quoted an official as saying.

“This is the third attack by monkeys in the village within a week,” he stated.

According to Vishal Chaudhary, a forest official, the department has been attempting to apprehend the monkeys in the village.

“We have set up cages to trap another langur and have rescued two in the last week. Four adult monkeys who have been involved in attacks within the last week are part of a sizable troop of monkeys in the village. They have both been saved. “Another is being caged,” Mr. Vishal Chaudhary stated.

A monkey that was wanted for ₹ 21,000 was apprehended earlier this year in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh, after it terrorized locals for two weeks and attacked 20 people.

The monkey was located by the rescue team using a drone, and after using darts to tranquilize it, they placed it in a cage.

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